Tuesday, April 24, 2012


She slept in this morning.

I heard her bedroom door click open, her princess toes pad down the hall. She came into my bedroom and exclaimed, "Today's my birthday!"

"Yes!" I said, "Today IS your birthday." After days of counting down, she finally got it right. Tomorrow, no doubt, she'll be sad to learn it's all over. But today is now and it's all hers.

Her baby sister was already back asleep for her morning nap. Her brother was watching Cat in the Hat on PBS. So we got some rare snuggle time alone together. We lay there silent. She played with my hair. She practiced holding her little finger down with her thumb so she could show everyone how old she is now. She whispered to me, "You're my best, best friend."

Later we went downstairs for breakfast and along with her usual bowl of Cheerios with sliced bananas I snuck in two pieces of chocolate candy. I put my finger up to my lips shushing her so she knew this treat was only for her. She quietly snickered in delight.

I told her she could wear whatever she wanted to today. She chose the light pink tutu over the dark pink tutu. I buttoned up her ivory cardigan and she put on her pearl necklace. Then I braided her hair.

As is family tradition, we drove down the street a ways to the local florist shop to pick out balloons. She picked out a butterfly-shaped mylar balloon paired with four light pink latex balloons. She carried them out to the car all by herself.

For lunch she and William ate out in the backyard in the plethora of sunshine. She chose grapes over strawberries. Afterward she played with the bat and ball and her watering can and her jump rope and swung on the swing. On her belly, of course.

While she played I baked her cake. Chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Dyed pink, of course.

During rest time I let her bring her balloons in her bedroom with her. She thought this was the best allowance in the world.

For dinner tonight she's asked for pizza "with balls on it."

"Hmmm..." I said, "What kind of balls do you mean?"

"Pink!" She exclaimed.

Ah, but, of course. One large one-topping pizza, please. Yes, with pink balls.

I think I'm going to enjoy three.

One hundred years ago today, or was it just yesterday, I was lying in my bed feeling the soft pangs of labor come over me. I knew today would be the day. At 9:30 that night we rushed to the hospital and just fifteen minutes before midnight, before this day would be the next, she was here. And we were in love.

Happy birthday to my Lucy girl!

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