Monday, October 29, 2012

Because [Blank] Happens - A Giveaway!

I decided to go to Target on Saturday which is pretty much like agreeing to play chicken across any of the country's major interstates.  I figured if I went early enough I would miss the weekend crowd and still find the shelves well stocked with the staples on my list.

It was kind of like a vacation where the vacation includes no kids, shopping and Starbucks.  Halfway through my trip I got a text from Brian.

"$#!& everywhere."

I knew right away it was Katherine.  She was still sleeping when I left and, be it vaccines, teeth or just an upset stomach, she had been plagued by diarrhea the past few days.

By the time I got home Brian was already on to his next task of the day: raking.  Katherine was all bundled up in her pink fuzzy snowsuit and smiling widely in her stroller.  Brian had already given her a bath, cleaned up the room and put her bedding in the washer.

The only thing left for me to do was to put sheets back on her bed.  And before I did that I decided to wipe down the entire crib because, you know, ick.

I decided to use the Nursery Wipes I received from Earth's Best.  They're chlorine-free and made of all-natural material so I don't have to worry about Katherine ingesting any scary chemicals when she uses the side of her crib as a teething toy.

And, as a major bonus in this particular situation, the wipes have a lovely lavender and lemongrass fragrance.  Because, let me tell you, it smelled ripe in there.  Next, I suggest Earth's Best add to their home care line and use this scent to make air fresheners or candles.  Mmmmm...

A Giveaway!
Earth's Best is offering one canister and one travel-pack of their Nursery Wipes to one of my lucky readers. To enter, simple leave a comment on this post.  Deadline to enter is Monday, November 5 at noon (Central Time).

* Earth's Best has provided me with Nursery Wipes to review and to giveaway. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.
* This contest is now closed. The winner is commenter #1!

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