Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Fall and Football

I have to take just a moment to brag about where I live because, wow, St. Paul is so awesome in the fall.  The tree canopy is so breathtaking I find myself becoming a distracted driver as I navigate the side streets.

This weekend is the annual Twin Cities Marathon.  Mile 22 or so runs a few blocks from our house.  They say it's one of the most beautiful urban marathons in the country.  And this photo tells you why.
Those are the kiddos with their "collection bags." I told them they needed to collect at least one yellow, one orange and one red leaf plus anything else they thought looked interesting. Then we all came back to the house and they shared their findings on the patio. It was my genius idea to get them busy so that we could enjoy the (potentially) last 70-degree day of the year.
When I showed Brian that last picture his only comment, straight-faced, was, "He's got to do a better job of protecting the football."  I know the two whole guys that read my blog will find that funny.

Speaking of football, William is in a little camp through the high school that is affiliated with his elementary school.  His first practice was last Saturday and it was awesome.  Way more cool than I could have ever predicted.  Afterward William came home and was obsessed with playing football and running drills in the backyard.  Unfortunately, dad was out of town for the weekend and this pregnant mama wasn't about to get anywhere near bending her belly over to hike a ball.  Football is a tough sport to practice alone.  He's praying for a baby brother.

One of the coaches for his football camp is a senior at the high school and is a top recruit in the nation going to Notre Dame next year.  After practice he signed autographs and took pictures with the kids.  Brian almost pooped his pants when I told him he took a photo with William.

The football camp was definitely a highlight to a weekend littered with naughty little children. **Sigh**  Dad's been away too much in the last couple of weeks and their behavior shows it.  They both did something so naughty on Friday night that they have been grounded from treats for a whole week.  Boy do they feel that one!  Especially Miss Sweet Tooth Lucy.  Let's just say I think it has been cemented into both their brains now and forever that pens are for paper only.  Ugh!

That's about it from Casa del Nash.  What's happening in your neck of the woods?  Has fall arrived?  Do you love it or are you already missing the long summer days?

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