Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes [11.30.12]

1.  Thank you all for your comments on my post yesterday.  It made me feel not so alone and that maybe, just maybe, I'm not so crazy after all.

After that rant I spent the entire afternoon in the basement and completely UNLOADED the storage closets.  Nothing was safe.  And it was awesome.  Then I got all giddy when I realized the Good Will donation center was open until 8:00 that evening and that Brian would have time after dinner to make the trip.  Our backroom is now a storage space for only three categories:

1. Baby gear (swing, Bumbo, jumper, etc.)
2. Holiday accessories (Christmas decorations, Easter baskets, Halloween buckets)
3. A few sentimental items (college diplomas, kids' memory boxes)

I'm a purger by nature even when I'm not pregnant so my standards for sentimental items are quite high.  I don't save every drawing or piece of schoolwork that comes home.  I don't save locks of my babies' hair or the little hospital cap they came home in.  It has to pass the will they care about this at all when they get older test.  If not, it's gone.  And then I breathe clean, open, fresh air.  And all is well.

I also painted my toes after taking a bath last night.  I was hoping the pretty color would distract from my extremely swollen cankles.  It's amazing what just a few little clean-up and self care tasks can do for your overall mood.

2. We received some disturbing news from our school yesterday that there was a possible attempted abduction just a few blocks from our house on the day before Thanksgiving. And then the same individuals and van (why is it always a van?!) were spotted at our very intersection again on Wednesday as the school patrol line walked home. The story is a bit hazy so it's hard to know the real facts and if this is even a cause for worry at all.

I'm equal parts trying to not make a big deal of it and also slightly freaking out. I'm less concerned about William walking to and from school (because he's in a large group) and more concerned that we frequently let our kids play outside by themselves. I want to be smart about this but I also don't want to become a crazy helicopter parent.

Our neighbors are amazing at being cognizant of anything that seems off and our police force is always wonderfully responsive. So I know an actual incident will be rare. But still. I'm thankful the colder months are upon us and the kids' outdoor time is limited.

3. Lucy's recovery from surgery is coming along quite nicely. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. The two-week no-bath rule came to a close on Monday and now some of her stitches are starting to fall out which is making hair doing and combing a whole lot easier. And I have to admit, I'm a bit obsessed with it. Is anyone else a scab-picker? Stitches give you that same kind of high. It's all a little sick, I know. But also weirdly gratifying when I find one poking out and it slides out clean and easy. Sorry to be grossing any of you out. Moving right along...

4.  Who heard about our favorite college football team, Notre Dame, this weekend?  Katherine did!
Cinderella story. Unranked at the beginning of the year. Perfect, undefeated season. Number one in the country. Going to the National Championship.

A few games in and we knew it was going to be a special year. But now that it's all over and they didn't disappoint, it feels a little like postpartum baby blues. Now what? Now we wait for more than a month for the final championship game where they could get a possible whooping from Alabama and flush the whole hype down the toilet. Or not. You never know.

I realize there are about two whole readers who are still reading this so I'll move on once again...

5. Have you started Christmas shopping? Have you put up your tree? Or any decorations? Have you baked any cookies? Aside from a wreath on our front door, I have done nothing. I don't feel too guilty about this, considering my condition, but I still know it has to be done at some point. We're going to attempt the tree tonight and some decorating tomorrow. I'm hoping that puts me in the mood to make out lists for the kids and start crossing things off. Is it ever OK for Santa to take maternity leave?

6. I put the word out on Facebook but I'll also mention it here. I would be eternally grateful if anyone out there has an Ergo infant insert that I could borrow until about April. If you aren't local, I will pay for shipping. Also, to all Ergo users, how important is the infant insert? If I don't find one, could I just as easily roll up some receiving blankets? The online pictures don't make it look worth the $20.

7.  And finally, I have a small giveaway for anyone who made it to this seventh entry.  If you comment on this post you will automatically be entered into a giveaway for a free package of Earth's Best Toddler Biscuits, perfect if you have any teethers!  Deadline to enter is next Friday, December 7 at Noon Central time.  Good luck!

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