Friday, November 16, 2012

Giving The Best We Have

Our neighbors are hosting a Turkey Party tonight for all the cute little kiddos in the neighborhood.  The invitation asked that everyone bring a food shelf donation.  Great idea right before Thanksgiving, right?

I'm embarrassed to admit that whenever there was a call to donate to the food shelf, I used to rifle through the cupboards for any boxes or cans of food that I no longer wanted.  Which really means, I would donate the stuff that I knew my family wouldn't eat.  Perhaps a BOGO item that sounded like a good idea at the time.  Or maybe an old can of veggies before I switched the family to all fresh or frozen.

The underlying message is not a good one: If you can't afford to buy your own food, then you can have my family's scraps and nothing better.

As most of you know, I've partnered with Earth's Best for the past few months to sample their products and post reviews right here on this blog.  What this means is that every month I get a big box of Earth's Best products delivered to my doorstep.  It's a great gig because I really love Earth's Best and truly believe they put out quality items for babies and kids.

Inside my pantry cupboards I have a plethora of their baby food pouches and boxes of their infant cereal.  Katherine has outgrown this stage of food but, of course, we've got another one in the hopper who will be eating solids by next spring.

I was saving all this food for the new baby.  Until I began to think about it.

It's no secret that Earth's Best is not the cheapest baby food on the market.  You get what you pay for and when you feed your baby quality, organic food, it's going to cost more.

I wondered how many food shelf patrons had ever had the privilege of feeding Earth's Best baby food to their babies.  Probably not many.

So I've decided to donate every last jar, pouch and box of Earth's Best baby food I possess to the food shelf.  I'm hoping there's a little baby out there who will get an extra punch of nutrients all because I decided to give up my stash.

Do you regularly give to the food shelf?  What do you typically donate?

*This post was inspired by products I received from Earth's Best.

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