Friday, February 1, 2013

Not Quick Takes

Good Friday morning to you all! We're all snuggled up in our jammies and fleeces and me with a hot cup of coffee on this negative ump-teen degree morning. I really need to make a Target run but decided that just wasn't prudent with three kids and the risk of immediate frost bite. So that will have to wait.

I'm not going to write Quick Takes today. Mostly because if I do that would mean I have two Quick Takes in a row making it all the more apparent that I haven't blogged all week and I just can't have that kind of in-your-face proof that I could never be a real blogger.

It was a busy week. It's Catholic Schools Week which is always fun for the kiddos. They get to come out of uniform for all sorts of wacky and fun theme days. But does anyone else find hunting down the perfect attire for these special days a bit stressful?

Thursday was Color Day which meant each grade was assigned to wear a certain color. The Preschoolers were supposed to wear green and the Kinders were supposed to wear purple. If this would have been flip flopped it would have been fine. But trying to find green in Lucy's wardrobe and purple in William's deemed impossible. In the end we borrowed a Vikings jersey from a neighbor for William (How my child has no Vikings gear is beyond me!) and because Lucy threw a fit at the thought of wearing one of her older brother's shirts, well, she just wore a dress that had not one speck of green in it. But that's just Lucy for you. Always living life outside the lines and not caring a lick what anyone thinks about it.

I feel like I should give you an update on Bobby. Because raise your hands if you thought my absence from this here blog was because I was standing on a bridge somewhere ready to jump?

I kid.

He is doing leaps and bounds better as far as the nonstop crying thing goes. Today he is six weeks old and he finally seems to have come alive. He will now sit in his bouncy or swing and is content to interact with his mobile. He is very responsive and extremely verbal for a one-month-old. William was the same way and we all know how that turned out. Mr. Talks-ALL-THE-TIME. Great. Doesn't look like our house will be getting any quieter any time soon.

After I gave him a bath yesterday I dressed him in a real outfit instead of the sleep sacks and footie pajamas he's been living in since he was born.
I know I'm the mom but I think he's getting cuter by the minute.  It was touch and go for a while there.  But maybe that was just because he was always red-faced screaming.

This weekend is his baptism.  We're not having a big ol' party and I only feel a little guilty about this.  It's tough to have a slew of people over to our house in the middle of winter because we only have so much square footage to work with when the backyard is closed for the season.  I thought about reserving a room somewhere but working out all the details of food and drink didn't seem like a manageable project for me to tackle right now.  So it will just be grandparents and godparents and brunch at a local restaurant afterward.

Which brings me to my next challenge.  I have no idea what to wear.  Without a party it's a bit more casual.  But it's still a baptism with pictures that will be looked at forever.  A dress isn't a option because these whitey-white legs should be seen by no one at this time.  I thought about leggings with a tunic but then remembered that it's near impossible to breastfeed in public while wearing a tunic.  I guess I could do boring black dress pants but I'm not even sure my pre-pregnancy ones will fit me yet.

It looks like a Saturday afternoon shopping trip is in order because, as always, it's all about me.  Send me suggestions if you have them!

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