Wednesday, February 13, 2013

These Days of Nothing and Everything

Oh these days. They are so long. And so boring. Yet so busy.

Just when I think I can't take it any longer, I blink and Bobby is almost eight weeks. And a whole new baby, I might add. Just smiling and snuggling and sleeping and NOT CRYING. It's awesome. And I'm in love.
I battled a stomach virus early last week.  It was my worst nightmare come true.  Brian stayed home from work all day and tried to pick up my slack.  It just wasn't a good situation.  The next day things were pretty much back to normal and THANK THE LORD so far no one else has caught the bug.

The hardest part of the day, which I'm sure every other mother in the world can agree with, is the 4-6 block of time.  Waiting for Dad to come home.  Everyone's tired.  Hungry.  Bored.  I've been trying to brighten everyone's mood with some YouTube music videos.  But oh my, how many Gangnam Style requests can one person handle?

So I mixed it up with some Steve Miller Band.  But now my kids are walking around the house singing: "I'm a smoker. I'm a joker.  I'm a midnight toker."

So Call Me Maybe it is then!

This is a picture from Bobby's baptism a week ago.
What cracks me up the most is those two little partners in crime over there on the left.  They really are quite the duo these days.  Getting into lotsa trouble but remaining best friends through it all.  It's almost like they've worked up their whole strategy beforehand.  "While Dad has one baby and Mom has the other, let's me and you go in the basement and trash the place!  We'll make it sound like we're really getting along and playing nice and then when Mom and Dad finally remember to come check on us, geez whiz will they ever be surprised to see what we've done!"
And then there's this little chica who is so totally toddler all of the sudden.  A little sassy and a little tantrum-y.  I hate to peg my kids, especially when they are so young, but she really has become a mini Lucy.  She's like Lucy lite.  The nice thing about going through this stage the third time around is that I know it's not bad-kid syndrome.  This too shall pass.  So I just sit back and have a little giggle when she throws herself on the floor for not being able to keep my cell phone as her very own possession.  Then I plop a steak in front of her and remember, oh yeah, you only have six teeth!  She's still my baby after all.

Every single night after dinner we load all the kids in the bath.  We mix it up.  Sometimes William takes a shower.  Sometime we do big kids first, then babies.  Sometimes I do just the boys then just the girls.

Last night I ran out of the bathroom to grab a towel and when I came back Brian had all four in the bath at once.  Which is funny because he's always the one complaining that there isn't enough room in that tub.

"Are you serious?" I said to him.

"Yep!" He said.

He left the room and I shouted to him to go get the camera.

"That's where I was going!"

Because we both thought the same thing when looked in that tub.  This is pure ridiculous-ness.  And also a little awesome.
I know Bobby is a little spaced out here but let's instead focus on the fact that I just posted three pictures of him in one post and he wasn't crying in a single shot.  Way to go Bobby boy!

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