Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes [5.10.13]

1.  I'm currently letting the big kids play some Throw The Ball and Catch It game on the back staircase.  Probably pretty dangerous, right?  But they're leaving me alone on a day when William is off of school so I'm rolling with it until someone chips a tooth or breaks a limb.  Survival of the fittest here.

2.  I ran again this morning and discovered this new phenomenon where two minutes of peace and quiet is WAAAAAAAY shorter than the two minutes left in a 25-minute workout.

3.  When my run was finished and I re-inflated my collapsed lungs, the next 30 minutes looked like this: Change a diaper.  Make the bed.  Put away folded laundry.  Remind the kids to get dressed.  Find someone's shorts that were absolutely positively no where to be found.  Get in the shower.  Listen to the remainder of Brian's morning conference call on speaker while and shampooing and he brushes his teeth.  Shoo away a baby girl who thinks it's funny to keep opening the shower curtain and letting water spray her face.  Shave my legs.  I think I have time.  Bobby's crying again.  Brian moves him to the swing.  Katherine's watching some puppies on TV.  William's outside.  Lucy's crying because William just accidentally hit her with his bat.  Goodbyes and I love yous to Brian.  Slather conditioner in my hair.  Quick rinse.  Done.

Livin' the dream, baby.

4.  Brian's brother and his wife are remodeling their kitchen and they offered us their old refrigerator.  We decided it was about time we replaced the mini frig we had in the basement that helped store extra milk and beer.  Lotsa beer.  A few days after the new frig was in place I made a trip to Costco and it was lovely to stock up on all these items I normally have to ration because we don't have the freezer or frig space.  Of course I was more than $300 the poorer but at least I won't have to make a major grocery trip in at least three weeks.

Now the frig has plenty to offer in the ways of chicken, steak, brats, eggs, juice, butter, milk, fish, broccoli and frozen berries.

But I mean, really, it's still going to be a beer frig for the most part because we're cool like that.  And we need it.

5.  While I was at Costco I bought a new pair of barefoot shoes.  Have you heard of these?  I got this style in the grey.  But I got them for a third of the price than they are listed here.  They are like heaven for my feet!  They are a perfect option when you want something lighter than a running shoe but with more comfort than a flipflop.  Think short walks to the park with the kids or running errands.  Love!

6. Because I am sometimes behind the fashion trends and also because I have ZERO time to shop for myself, I signed up for Stitch Fix.  Have you heard of it?  I received my shipment on Saturday and I have to say, it was a lot of fun! I only kept one of the five pieces they sent me but it was still fun to play dress-up and to see some options for expanding my wardrobe horizons.  I would absolutely do it again.  And no one paid me a cent to say that.  I might have four kids but a frump I will not become.

7.  Another popular brand in the Get-Cool-Stuff-in-the-Mail trend is Birchbox.  I think I'm late to the party on this one but it's a program where you pay $10 a month to have upscale beauty samples sent to your door.  Lotion, makeup, perfume, anti-aging, hair care, etc.  I signed up and should receive my first box later this month.  I'm not completely sold on this because I tend to spend less than $10 a month on my beauty routine as it is.  But I'm creeping closer to my mid-30s (wait, am I already there?!) and I figure it might be worth it to see if there's anything worthwhile out there to help keep this old broad lookin' young.

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  1. I feel so good after I makes tackling all that stuff so much easier, doesn't it? I gotta do it more. I've heard of Stitch Fix and Birchbox...with you on the Birchbox...I stick to what I like too. I might try Stitch Fix but I'm such a wimp in the fashion category. Classic seems to me my strategy. It's too stressful!


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