Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Write

I don't have a prepared post to write today but I have a few moments of quiet so I'm just going to write about what comes to mind.

It's a dreary day but my heart is still happy.  No one is sick.  Not one complaint.  Not even a sniffle.  I feel about 100 pounds lighter than I have in the past two months.  Which just goes to show how sick we've really been.  Until now we hadn't gone a full week without someone being down and out.  So today, dreary or not, we've got our health and that counts for a lot.

This morning I attended a Mother's Day program put on by all the little Kinders at our school.  As a special treat to William, I came all by myself without the distraction of his little siblings.  He was so excited.

It was a nice culmination after a rough week between the two of us.  The low was a few days ago when he left for school after getting a tongue lashing from me when I found something that included our couch, some suckers and some gum.  Not. Cool.

Later that day he and I sat on the front steps in the May sunshine and had ourselves a talk about expectations and consequences.  We also talked about how neither of us had a very nice morning after saying our angry goodbyes.

But today he stood next to me among the rest of his classmates and sang in his big bold voice how he was a "miracle from Jesus."  And then all I could think about was how, yes, he indeed was a miracle.  It is still so easy for my mind to conjure up the image of his tiny newborn body mixed in with tubes and wires in his little NICU isolette only just six and half years ago.

He really is such a good kid.  I just need a few reminders here and there.

Brian flew to Philadelphia on Tuesday for a client dinner and was home again on Wednesday evening.  Two things here.  First, in my next life I want to be my husband.  How cool is it that he flew halfway across the country just to have dinner?

Second, I want to say what a rockstar my husband is at his job.  Most days I want to do his job just so that I don't have to hear screaming or wipe someone's feces for eight straight hours.  But that makes it sound like anyone could do his job.  And that isn't the truth.

Whenever we need to buy something or obtain someone's services, I am reminded of just how amazing his people and negotiation skills are.  Every other Friday these deposits just appear in our bank account.  But I know it's not magic.  I'm running the risk of sounding like I'm bragging here when really all I want to do is honor my man.

So anyway, back to Tuesday night when Brian is in Philly.  We were all a little nervous about his absence because the night before Bobby and Katherine tag teamed waking up thus giving us both a whopping two hours of sleep.

"OK," Brian said anxiously when he arrived home at 10:30 the next morning, "How did it go?"

"You're going to be so mad," I told him.  He who went to bed at 2:00 am and woke a few hours later to catch a 7:30 flight.
All the kids slept clean through the night with Bobby waking only once to eat.

When you have one or two kids you're so desperate to get your eight interrupted hours of sleep back.  When you have four, you realize even just three uninterrupted hours is quite the anomaly.  It's a domino effect and there's just never enough bedrooms or sound machines in the world to drown it all out.

My life is hilarious. Had you read that last paragraph to me ten years ago there is no way I would have signed up for this business.

When hunting for a photo to accompany this post, because all posts are just prettier with a photo, I found this.
Two babies on a countertop.  Inches from an open window because you can't have this many kids without having a little danger around every corner.  Katherine is checking her Blackberry messages and wondering why in the world her father still owns a Blackberry in this day and age.  And Bobby is just happy someone is remembering to take a picture of him to prove his existence.

That's all for today.  Over and out.


  1. Wow! I'm glad everyone is feeling better! Keep up the great work!

  2. Love the sleeping comment! So true! I feel like it was definitely a good night's sleep if I get 3 uninterrupted hours! I don't ever think I'll have 8 hours again.

  3. "and Bobby is just happy someone is remembering to take a picture of him to prove his existence." HILARIOUS! and sooo true.

  4. So cute, getting so big!!!

  5. I cannot believe how big Bobby is!!! So dang cute! Hope to see you all soon!!


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