Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiv-blaaaah!

William is only a few days past his first birthday but he already knows how to share really well. Like sharing his stomach virus with all his cousins and aunts and uncles. Oh, and his dad.

We thought we were in the non-contagious zone by heading over to the Nashes for Thanksgiving nearly 48 hours after the last time William threw up. We had some great family time before the throw-up party began. All five of Brian's brothers and sisters and their spouses and kids were home. In the Nash home this is a very rare event. At best it happens once a year.

It was a full house. There were 11 adults, five grandchildren and two grandbabies in utero. (Meaghan and Nicky, not me!) While the Nashes still have the large home they raised all their kids in, we were busting at the seams. William and his cousin, Addison, even slept in two of the larger walk-in closets to save space. So I suppose the close quarters was an added factor in the virus that swept through the family.

The first man down was William's 17-month-old cousin, Patrick. His Uncle Mike, and 7-month-old cousin, Tommy, followed shortly after. And then there was Brian. How could I forget? William's Uncle Timmy and Aunt Molly followed later in the day.

So after two full days of family fun we decided to head home early because as Brian's brother, Kevin put it, "Everyone just wants to throw up in their house!"

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  1. OHhhhhhhhh bummer! Blech! Hope everyone's feeling better...guess it isn't the cake! :)


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