Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boys: They're Just...Different

You don't have to try to convince me that daddies play with their kids differently than mommies do. When I do have time to get on the floor with William I like to do puzzles or read books or maybe erect something with his blocks. All very quiet and sensible play.

But daddies are rough and my toddler boy? Well he can't get enough of it. How many times growing up did I hear my mom yell to my dad in the other room, "Somebody's going to get hurt!" Well now I find myself yelling that exact same phrase.

And boys just seem to be more naughty with their toys too. Everything has to crash or be thrown or be taken apart. When I ask William to put his toys away does he calmly pick up and place each toy back in his toy box? Oh no! He has to see if he can launch it in the air from across the room and make it in the box. And if he misses it doesn't make perfect sense to him to go pick up that toy and walk it across the room and place it into the box. Instead he finds another toy nearby and tries the effort all over again.

But Brian gets this and doesn't find this behavior nearly as maddening or reprehensible as I do.

That's why I wasn't surprised the other day when I found William laughing uncontrollably as Brian popped the head off of this poor Cookie Monster and simutaneaously said "Ooooh, me head fall off!" in the best Cookie Monster voice he could muster. Oh those boys.

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  1. I couldn't agree more Jenny. As an example, James is perfectly content just wrestling with Justin when he is home. Magdalene loves the initial idea of wrestling, but then turns it into her bringing the boys "refreshments" of tea and food or pretending to be a puppy. It's just not the same as when the two guys go to it.



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