Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November Notes

I know. It's been too long. And I was going to write earlier but I had to let my anger subside. I pulled into the driveway after school and errands this morning to find that our lawn crew had completely hacked our bushes. What was once a voluptuous lilac bush next to our front door is now a waist-high gathering of sticks. The story is similar with the bushes that line the front and side of our house. Now I'm wondering how we're going to deck our house for Christmas. The bushes used to be perfect with a few strands of plain white lights. Now it will just look like a pile of you-know-what.


We've been busy. We entertained some friends on Saturday night. I even stayed up until 1:00 AM! A first for me since seeing two lines on that test strip. That's how you know you're in good company I guess.

The next morning we had to get up and get going fairly early to get William over to my sister's house because two free tickets to the Vikings vs. Packers game landed in our lap earlier in the week. And let me tell you. These were primo seats too. Forty yard-line and about 20 rows up from the field. We were right in front of all the big wigs in the press box. When we first entered the Dome I wandered around for a good five minutes trying to find our section. Finally Brian said, "Umm, our section starts with a 1 and all these start with a 2. I think we need to go downstairs."

Downstairs? I'd never been downstairs for an NFL game before. Score! And it was a great game to boot. It came down to the last few seconds and the Vikings pulled off a win by 1 point. Sorry, Pack!

The only downside to the game was running to and from our car. BRRRR! Who turned the heat off?! Remember this post from last week? Turns out that was an anomaly and now the mercury has swung on the other side of what's normal. I think our furnace is on for the long haul. I finally had to surrender to both my belly and the temperature and buy some decent winter maternity clothes. Since William was a November baby and I was working in a corporate office back then, I'm in need of casual warm clothes this go round.

When we came out of school this morning there were giant snowflakes falling to the ground.

"Oh wow!" William said. Indeed.

Now I'm not finding Christmas music on the radio quite so ridiculous.

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