Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playing the Pregnancy Card

Brian will tell you that during the 40 weeks or so weeks of pregnancy I'm an expert at playing the pregnancy card. I can get him to do things for me that he wouldn't do otherwise. Or I make excuses for doing things that I normally wouldn't do. It's nothing huge. I still stick to my normal list of household tasks. But during those nine months it's nice to be able to coax someone else into making you a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate while your remain in your lounged state on the couch. Here's a small example of how to play your cards right.

Me: Hey, can you make a mental note to make a tad more coffee from now on? I devoured what was left this morning which was only about two ounces.

Brian: Sure.

Me: We should stock up on that peppermint mocha creamer while it's out for the holidays.

Brian: You opened that one already? We have a full one already in the frig!

Me: I know but I get a pass.

Brian: Oh really?

Me: Yeah. I'm growing your baby, remember?

1 comment:

  1. I find the "pregnancy card" to be quite legitimate in most cases. I really, truly am exhausted so it doesn't hurt to take (or ask for) the extra help. Fortunately, I have a husband that - like yours - is willing to step up to the task. I am so grateful.


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