Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wasted Sunshine

I didn't blog yesterday. And you're probably thinking it's because we were too busy playing outside in the 67-degree weather, right?


Instead we were doing our best to earn the Frequent Patient Discount at our clinic.

William has croup. Have you ever had a child with croup? If you're not sure then that means no because boy oh boy do you know when a kid has croup. Barking like seal was he.

He started to get pretty bad on Sunday night. A sweating fever. Lethargic. And that horrible, horrible, dry, unproductive cough. We knew it was bad when he nearly fell asleep on the pew he was sprawled out on at mass. Some children do that weekly. But it is highly unusual for our child to go through an entire mass without at least one reprimandable act.

Monday morning posed a bit of a dilemma for me. I had a 10:30 prenatal appointment and I really didn't want to skip it but wasn't sure how I would manage with a nearly comatose child in tow. I had some things I needed to bring up to my midwife and waiting on that this far along in my pregnancy means just waiting until next week since my appointments are so close together now.

Brian agreed that it would be alright for him to take a sick day so that I could run to the clinic by myself. More on that appointment later.

When I returned home Brian was on a conference call in the kitchen. William was on the couch watching a movie, wheezing up a storm and asking to go to bed. A two-year-old asking to go to bed. I told you he was sick.

I carried him upstairs and he was asleep in .0001 of a second. I got on the phone with the pediatric triage nurse who agreed with me that it was indeed croup (a virus that just needs to run its course) and that I should probably bring him in because the wheezing in between coughing fits could mean something more. Miracle of miracles there was one appointment left that day. I snatched it up and said I would see them for the second time that day at 3:30.

After his three and half hour nap William woke up a brand new person. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now. As soon as you call the doctor and play the panic-stricken parent and beg and plead for an appointment your child will subsequently make a full 180-degree recovery.

Ok so maybe it wasn't a full recovery but even the most nervous parent would probably tell you his condition didn't necessitate a trip to the doctor.

We went anyway.

Yes, it's croup. No, he doesn't need the nebulizer. Maybe he needs this steroid prescription if you feel it's getting worse.

And that's how you take the warmest day since October and waste it indoors.


  1. Croup is absolutely the scariest harmless (or so they say) virus a parent can face. Oh how I hate that sound.

    Sorry your day was wasted. Here's to another day of warm weather so you can try again!

  2. Oh man! Never had croup here, but I heard it's not fun. Hope little man feels better soon! Looking forward to seeing the '2 bumps' this weekend. ;)

  3. That always happens in our house too. We try home remedies and wait it out and then we call the doctor...and our 2-year-old proceeds to get better!


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