Sunday, March 15, 2009

When the Cat's Away...The Mice Have Nothing to Say

Do you ever find that the more time you have on your hands the less you actually get done? That happened to me last week.

Brian's sister is in town from New York and staying at Brian's moms house -- an hour's drive from our home. On Wednesday she asked if William could spend the night for a couple of days to keep her two-year-old son company. The two two-year-olds are at the age where they play excellent together. It's easier to have two of them in your care than just one bored toddler. So off William went from Wednesday through Friday.

But because it was such short notice I didn't have a lot planned for my idle toddler-free time. I purchased a few needed baby items to cross off my list, picked out and purchased a new pair of eyeglasses and went grocery shopping all by my lonesome. But mostly I enjoyed going to the gym without having to first stop at the kids club, eating meals at odd hours of the day and indulging in Ellen and Oprah without a single interruption.

All this kid free stuff meant I didn't have much for blog fodder so thus my week off. But being eight months pregnant I should have known that time away from the web might mean baby time. Sorry to disappoint. Nothing's shakin' in that territory.

After time spent with other kids and probably not enough sleep, William was right on cue as I could have predicted and is under the weather today. It's a beautiful 50-some degrees today but William will be hunkerin' down inside as Brian and I play nurse. Back to the parental grind.

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  1. My bloggy waters have run dry too. Only I didn't get the time off from my toddler.


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