Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small Successes

I haven't done this in a while but I think I need the reminder this week. I've been feeling a bit sluggish. Here are the three things I'm proud to say I've conquered this week. Click the Small Successes button at the bottom to see more accomplishments from moms around the country.

1. I was completely exhausted yesterday morning and though it would have been much easier to hire the babysitter named Television for an hour, I convinced the two-year-old to play quietly in his room for almost 40 minutes while I took a semi-snooze.

2. On Sunday I watched Ina make a delectable lemon mousse on Barefoot Contessa. On Tuesday I purchased all the ingredients I needed and made the dessert following her directions precisely. (There's a lot of steps to make homemade mousse!) The dish turned out perfectly and even when husband said he didn't really like lemon desserts he started humming a different tune when he went back for his third helping.

3. I went to my 37-week prenatal appointment on Tuesday and found out I'm dilated to a three! Now that I think about it, this one should be listed under Huge Successes.



  1. Jenny- Good for you getting that nap in - I know you needed it at 37 weeks! And you have inspired me - I think I'll try the lemon mousse during the Easter season. Have a blessed triduum.

  2. BABY!!! hehe!! Baby will be here soon! I love babies!!! This news is awesome! A major success!! Loved the recipe, and all your news. God Bless you this Easter and with the precious baby!!

  3. Those are big successes! Especially #1! My 2-year-old doesn't like playing by herself. She is forever asking me to..."come in my room!!!" :)


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