Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Zodiac

Brian's cousin Karen is pregnant and has the exact same due date as me. As of yet neither of us has had our baby. We send daily supportive text messages to each. I think she's the only one who truly understands what it's like on the days I'm frustrated and the days I'm crabby and the days I just feel fat. It's nice to have that kind of a person on your side. I only hope we have our babies on the same day so we don't turn bitter toward the other person who got to deliver first.

Today she sent me the following text:

"I realized today that our babies will officially be Tauruses instead of Aries."

First I must say that I never pay attention to astrological signs nor what my or anyone else's fortune says in the daily newspaper. But I did find this description quite comical given the current situation of trying to convince this baby to come out NOW!

Some claim that trying to get your point across to a Taurean, should they not want to hear you, is rather similar to talking to the trees – they simply won't budge.

1 comment:

  1. What a perfectly suited fortune for your "situation." Don't worry - he (or she?) will "budge" eventually. ;)


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