Sunday, March 28, 2010

Florida in [Lots of] Pictures

First time, toes in the ocean
Loving it
"And I'm not going to get out for the rest of the day!"
"OK, maybe I'll get out for some snacks."

Lunch.  With a view.
Lucy's first pool experience.  Clearly loving it as well.

"Mom's in the pool! Yipee!"

A kind stranger let William borrow one of their extra snorkels.  I'll give you a minute to recollect your composure.

Me.  With the kids.  At a bar.  Not quite that exciting though.  We were just waiting for our dinner to-go.

All the grandkids with Grandma.

My beautiful baby girl.  My sister said this could be Lucy's senior picture.

This was Lucy's first time on a swing by herself.  Last summer she was a newborn and it's been too cold in Minnesota yet to try it out.  This is when I discovered that my little lady is a total dare devil.

Dare devil action photo number two.  She was extra excited if I let go.

Chillin' with Grandma Nancy.  One of two of our excellent Florida hosts.


  1. Very cute! We'll have to be sure to swap pictures!

  2. Love the pictures! You all look happy, relaxed, and TAN...having a little color makes me might be the vitamin D high, though!

  3. Very cute guys! Looks like you had a wonderful time and got a nice tan! I'm so excited for SEVENTY FOUR on Thursday!!! YAY!

  4. Lucy in her green sundress = cute.

    William in his argyle sweater polo = stately.

    You in your pink t-shirt = pretty (and so skinny!).


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