Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Darling Little Sprouts

Just yesterday I was complaining to Brian that I was almost certainly positive that my thumb was brown.

You see, it had been two whole weeks since I planted my vegetable seeds. The package of seeds clearly stated that we should have seen growth between seven and ten days after planting. But all I had on days seven, eight, nine and ten were ten containers of black soil. No green anything.

"This kind of stuff NEVER works for me!" I said to Brian with deep, deep frustration.

Even William, who would wake up every morning to ask me if our seeds had grown, had become weary and bored and ceased asking any further questions about the matter.

But then today out of the blue during breakfast William asked about the seeds. They are placed high on a window sill and out of the way so he and I often forget about them during the day.

"Let me check," I said. Even though I knew there would be nothing because I had just taken a peak the night before.

But to my amazement there they were! Three containers with the cutest little seedlings you've ever seen.

"Come out little bean plant. It's springtime!"

Two bean containers and one zucchini have sprouted. I know it's only a 30% success rate so far but at least I have something to cheer on while I wait for the other seven to be brave enough to come out of the soil.


  1. what sun exposure are they getting,usually do well in a south window,good luck,!!Nancy

  2. YAY! As they say, patience is a virtue. This could be one of the reasons that I don't garden. But I really, really want to try...

    Thank you for the inspiration. :)


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