Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Lucy had her 15-month check-up this week and I was thrilled to learn that she's finally surpassed the 20-pound mark with a whole two ounces to spare.

When the topic switched to eating I stopped the doctor from continuing.

"We have absolutely no problems in that area.  I assure you."

Lucy can eat her weight in food and then some.  And she will it ANYTHING.  Even if she doesn't like it, she shoves it down the hatch, begrudgingly.

So how does she stay so tiny?  Allow me to illustrate.

A helpful stool because before I added it she was scaling the baseboards on her tippy toes while performing a pull-up on the window sill.

She could care less about the television, unlike her older brother.  But if anything resembles music, a song or just a beat, she beelines it to the to the armoire and gives herself a six inch boost.

How did she manage to get up here without bumping her head?  Heaven knows.

All these pictures were taken on different days so at this point you may be wondering: Does this child own clothing?  Indeed, she does, but she's such a sweat bucket, what with all the activity, that I find she's most comfortable in her bare skin and a diap.

And just to prove she is clothed SOME of the time, I offer you a shot of her absolute favorite perch, hands-down.  Stairs are like crack cocaine to this lady.  Up and down all day, every day.

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