Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Good, The Sad, The Bad

The Good News

Well there's those new pair of ridiculously awesome rubber gloves I just bought.  Those worked out pretty nicely.

There's the fact that we haven't yet bought new furniture for our living room.

And the decision to travel or stay home this week, a decision I was 50/50 about, has pretty much been decided for me.

The weather is just windy enough to clean, disinfect and dry all necessary items outside.

Old ice cream buckets.  They come in handy for so many different purposes.

The Sad News

It's a perfect summer day and we're all stuck inside.

I had to miss yoga this morning.

Lucy is watching Baby Einstein right now.  She's never watched Baby Einstein.  You know, after it was revealed those videos turn baby's brains to mush and all that.  But I needed a way to keep her busy so I could clean.  A way to keep her from climbing the stairs for the thousandth time and not knowing a way down except head first.

There will be no boat rides this weekend.  Or drives up North.  Or hot dogs in the camp fire.  Or sparklers.  Well, maybe sparklers.  Maybe we'll still do that.

And then there's this picture.  This picture is pretty sad.  Especially since it was taken at 9:30 this morning when we should all be playing in the sunshine.

The Bad News

William threw up this morning.  And is doesn't look like an isolated incident.


  1. :( We had throw up last week, too. I was knee deep in barf (purply red barf, at that) at midnight. All over the (white) carpet, and the (white) coverlet and the (white polka dotty) sheets, and the (white) blanket. Why do I buy white stuff is what was going through my tiny brain.

    Anyway, that was to say that I feel your pain, sister. I feel it.

    Poor little boy. It is so sad when they feel so miserable. And it's even worse on a holiday.

  2. Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better lickety split.


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