Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hangover: My Edition

Here we are in kid-free bliss.

Chicago rocked.

The rehearsal dinner rocked.  The after bar rocked.  The wedding rocked.  The trolley rocked.  Brian's best man toast rocked.  The band literally rocked.  It all totally rocked.

You know how you plan an event?  You plan for months and months.  You have brand new outfits to wear.  Fun snacks to eat.  Pretty painted toe and fingers.  A fresh haircut.

Then it comes and it goes and it's never as fun as the planning.

That didn't happen.

It was more fun than I could have ever expected and then some.

I have one complaint:  Why, oh, why must the Chicago bars be open until 5 a.m.?

The kids are back and I'm so glad.  The reuniting today was priceless.  But my legs hurt from dancing.  My feet hurt from heels.  My throat hurts from laughing.  My eyes hurt from not sleeping.  My liver hurts from drinking.

But I don't think anything hurts more than our credit card.  Oooh baby.  Looks like we'll be staying in for the next five years.  Thank you City of Chicago for your 10% sales tax.  At that rate you should just call it a tip.  But you're still one of my favorite cities so I'll let it slide.

A quick story about seeing the kids for the first time today and then off to bed to catch up on 48 hours of lost sleep.

I met my mom at a mall to trade back kids and cars today.  When William saw me he ran clear across the parking lot screaming: "MOMMY! MOMMY!"

We hugged.  We kissed.

But when I went in to take Lucy from my mom's arms she turned away from me and gave me a scowl.  She was mad that I left her!  I took her anyway and then she wrapped her little arms around me.  Every so often she would lean back to peek at my face.  "Is it really you?" she seemed to be asking.  Then she would giggle as if to say, "Just kidding, I'm not really that mad at you."

After the mall we swung by Brian's office so he could see the kids as well.  Once again William ran to him screaming: "DADDY! DADDY!"

But Lucy, oh how she loves that daddy of hers.  She pushed herself out of my arms and immediately held them up to Brian.  She was hyperventilating and laughing all at the same time.  She pushed her big brother out of the way so she could get better dibs.

We had ourselves a little moment right there in the lobby of his office.  A few welled up eyes and all.

Our family's back together.  Even if some of us are hurting like the dickens.


  1. I'm so glad that your trip exceeded your expectations.

    And - P.S. - that dress is beautiful on you.

  2. Love the dress, Love the photos. Glad you had fun. You deserve it.

    Cute story about the kiddos. So, CUTE.


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