Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unfortunately, Fortunately

Unfortunately many great big, old Elm trees in our neighborhood have been stricken by Elm's disease and have received a removal notice from the city.

Fortunately we don't have any Elm trees on our property.

Unfortunately our neighbors across the alley have five.  All diseased.

Fortunately I have a little boy who thinks big trucks are high class entertainment.
Unfortunately we have this rather large prickly bush on the side of garage.
Fortunately I didn't cut it down before spring came.  Look what I would have missed out on!


  1. Hope you are cutting some of those and bringing them in the house! Mmmmmm I can smell them from here!

  2. This reminds me of a story we had to write in school...it was called 'Fortunately, Unfortunately..' haha Love those flowers!

  3. Those flowers ARE beautiful. Isn't it amazing how such magnificence can come from an untidy, prickly bush?



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