Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updates! Updates!

1. I want to thank all of you or your outpouring support and love after my post about the incident with our neighbor.  I was truly hurting after what was said to me and it felt good to know you've all got my back.

Two weeks after our encounter I was on my way to the garage with both kids in tow when I saw said neighbor coming toward us on his bike.  I quickly glanced away but much to my dismay he stopped to talk.  He never formally apologized but he did say he "felt bad" about his mouth going off.  He also said he appreciated my husband's patience with him.  He said it had been a bad day with his Alzheimer's-stricken wife but that he had crossed the line.

I nodded while he talked.  I didn't go out of my way to say, Don't worry about it!  That's OK! because, well, it wasn't.  That incident kept me up at night for a week and while he may have overreacted to a simple situation he also had ample time to realize that we were good people not wanting to cause any inconvenience.

But I did choose to forgive him.  And, trying to smooth the distance between his house and ours, I also offered him my help whenever he needed it letting him know I'm at home full-time and always available.

2.  The real reason I'm writing this post is that I just can't bring myself to leaving the Poop post at the top of my blog for the entire Memorial Day Weekend.

And speaking of poop, who wants an update?  Don't all raise your hands at once!

I called the doctor on Tuesday after Lucy had a blowout at her Early Childhood class.  The cleanup of which was a source for gobs of bloggy entertainment.  But I'll spare you those poopy details.  The doctor said he wanted to see her that afternoon and to please bring her freshest diaper.  Now when I hear the word fresh I think clean.  But apparently when it comes to stool samples that's not what the lab had in mind.

This brings me to a little fill-in-the-blank game we're going to play.  It goes like this:

You know you're a mom when: fill-in-the-blank.

OK, I'll go first.

You know you're a mom when you go dumpster diving in your daughter's Early Childhood classroom for a diaper that is so full of diarrhea that it no longer even resembles a diaper so that you can provide her pediatrician with the freshest stool sample.

The early test results have all come back negative but some of the cultures won't be ready until Tuesday.  In an unrelated update the doctor did discover that Lucy had an ear infection.  See?  That's what I get for letting her quit nursing.  I'm only kidding.  Whose to know if that has anything to do with it.  But it is suspicious, right?

We passed on the antibiotics because Lucy didn't seem to be in any discomfort and because antibiotics can be a diuretic.  Plus, did you know that ear infection go away on their own?  I'm all for letting nature run its course especially when it doesn't include an uncomfortable baby.

3. I bought some new latex gloves at Target today and the clean freak nerd in me is super excited about it.  I splurged and spent the extra $2 to buy the really nice kind.  I was going through the cheap ones like water so I figure it's worth it anyhow.

They're called Way Clean Water Stop Gloves by Casabella in case you're interested.

Do you think I'll look like a sultry temptress when I clean the house like the package implies?  Maybe I'll put them on when Brian gets home and find out.

4. I've been practicing yoga for seven straight months now and I need to brag a little bit.  For the past few weeks I've been able to master crow pose.  Go ahead.  Give it a try.

I admit, there were a few times when I almost fell on my head but lately I've been able to stay in the pose for a solid minute or two.  I'm so proud of myself for not giving up and sitting that pose out like so many others in our class.

5.  Steaks on the grill tonight.  The good kind!  With red wine and a strawberry walnut salad.  William beat us up to Camp Grandma's by a day so Brian and I have the night to ourselves after Lucy's in bed.

6. Tomorrow we'll head up North for the Memorial Day Weekend just like the rest of Minnesota.  I'm not excited about the traffic.  I am excited for three full days in the sun.  If you're from the Midwest you'll enjoy this video about the "Going Up North" tradition.  Where do you out-of-staters congregate for holiday weekends?

7. That's all I got.  Enjoy your weekend!  Take a break from the 'puter.  Go for a walk.  Run through the sprinkler.  Watch the sun set.  The Internet will still be here when you get back.  I promise.


  1. Here's to hoping all goes well with Lucy.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The gloves thing was hilarious. I can totally picture you being faux-sultry with those bad boys. Also, I did the crow pose for at least four seconds before unintentionally doing a somersault.

  3. Going "Up North", what a wonderful thing. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Detroit, so going up north usually involved crossing the Mighty Mac Bridge and camping.

    I also had a great uncle who owned a cabin in Northern Wisconsin, an hour from Superior and we spent many summer vacations up there. Honestly, vacation isn't vacation unless there is a Great Lake involved.

    We live in Ohio now (friends of The Logues) and our last vacation was to the UP.

    Andrea will read this and laugh now because we move to the south, the deep south in a few weeks, where Great Lake vacations won't be much of an option anymore. We will have to learn to vacation around the Atlantic or the Gulf.

  4. I'm am so glad you have things slightly cleared up with your neighbor. That would have kept me up as well!

    As a former Midwesterner I used to go up north. However, as a Southerner I now "head to the island!". I love living coastal!

  5. I have to say - you handled the situation with your neighbor with such grace and kindness. I'm so glad you didn't say, "that's ok!" I also really admire that you extended your help, even though he didn't fully apologize. You are such a good person!

    We do the same thing with ear infections around here...let them run their natural course. I think much of the new research is in support of not using antibiotics now.

    That latex glove commercial cracked me up. Who cleans in spandex and heels?

    I clicked on that crow pose link and you are now officially my hero. I think I'd topple right over if I tried. Remind us where you take yoga again...


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