Friday, May 14, 2010


I hear the tick of the clock.

My head falls and there's no shoulder to catch it.

There's no scoffing at my Oprah and Real Housewives viewing.

The house is locked tighter than the Pentagon.

The wind rattles the window frames causing a shiver of fear to shoot up my spine.

This old house creaks and cracks more than I've ever realized.

I wash the dishes.  Fold the laundry.  Put away the toys.

Thursday night shows go unwatched.  Saved for later.

There will be no chocolate ice cream tonight.

The baby stirs.  Needs comforting.  Twice.  She notices the absence too.

My pillow calls to me later than usual.

My legs drift to the other side of the bed.  Ice.

I worry.  Of course.

He has something like 17 brothers.  It seems.  So it's expected.

Whoever created Bachelor parties.  Not a fan of you.  And the word party is so misleading.  Three nights away is called a long weekend.  And speaking of which, weren't we just here?

I'm not mad.  Or jealous.  Or resentful.

Just missing.  Like someone removed part of my body.  My better half, if you will.

We'll still have fun.  The kids and I.  But we'll be missing all the while.

We'll anxiously be awaiting the arrival of Sunday when our family will once again return to full strength.  My better half, reattached.


  1. Way to almost make me feel guilty about my upcoming bachelor party!

  2. Oh Jen - I know just how you feel. Justin was away in April and I was practically counting the hours until he came home. It is so wierd how you can feel super busy and lonely all at the same time. Sunday will be here before you know it - treat yourself to a warm bath and bottle of wine tonight!

  3. If you get too bored - call the old man and ask him to move his car.

    (Just kidding - too soon?)

  4. I hear ya! I'm pretty miserable when Tim is away. The girls and I still have fun, don't get me wrong...but I miss him like crazy.

  5. Josh just went to one this weekend too, then went straight to opener fishing from there. I used to look FORWARD to these days/nights....clean house, whatever I want to eat, chick flicks, etc. But now, I simply CANNOT sleep. I got about 4 hrs sleep each night. It's the security I miss the most...


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