Monday, May 17, 2010

Backyard Bliss

I might not be around much this week.  Perfect temps every day.  Low humidity.  No wind.  Reminds me why I love Minnesota.  It also reminds me how much I
L-O-V-E our new backyard.

Speaking of which, I haven't showed you pictures yet, have I?

To really appreciate it you first must see some before shots.
Whoa, Nellie!  Way too overgrown.  Way too much shade.  And no grass.

With some help from family and friends we  chopped down that pine tree.  It was half dead.  And also took out those bushes.  They were prickly.  Not good for the kiddos.  You see that river birch tree on the right with the swing?  This winter we trimmed of a large limb that was hanging over our roof line.  Not only did it give us a ton more sunlight but it also let us sleep without worry during a wind storm.

After that it looked like this.

This is the opposite view.  Standing by the house, facing the garage.  It looks better but still so lonely and desolate without green grass.  Don't cha think?

Enter two huge dumpster, a skid loader, a lot of big burly man friends to help and one month's worth of blood, sweat and tears and we have this!
There's my little kiddies enjoying lunch on the patio as they do almost every day when the weather allows.

Since this picture was taken I planted snap dragons, petunias and impatients in the garage window box.  A variety because it's our first summer here and I'm not exactly sure what will work.  Directly below the window box is where my vegetable garden will be once I get the soil tilled.

And this is the planter next to our side/back door.  There's a few different kinds of hastas, two different hydrangeas and one mystery plant that I transplanted from the front yard.  I still have to hang my finch feeder on the shepherd's hook.

Isn't all just so lovely?  Every time I look outside I smile.  Especially if that sun is shining.

Do you love your backyard?  Do spend a lot of time there?


  1. A lovely transformation!

    We actually just ate dinner in our backyard tonight. It was lovely - cloudy, breezy, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful...and FENCED IN! You get to lounge and let the kids run! I have to run and my lounger is usually empty! We may need to fence in....

  3. Impressive! We recently reevaluated our teeny tiny backyard, too. While it's small, we do live in it during the summer!

    Look forward to meeting you Thursday!

  4. Love the backyard! It makes me miss MN, especially since our backyard time is now over during the daytime. I love the hasta area and your sheperd's hooks! They look awesome!


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