Monday, May 3, 2010

12 Months

She never had an ear infection.

She never even went to the doctor.

We never spent a penny on formula.

I don't know what it's like to have to "take away the bottle."

She bit me a quite a few times. Especially at the end.

And it's true I've never spent a night away from her.

I hardly had any dates with my pump except during this event.

She loathed a bottle.

She thinks drinking from a straw is super fun.

She drinks organic whole milk from a sippy cup like a champ.

She has the widest taste for food of any one-year-old I've ever met.

For 12 months she breastfed.

We made it. Silent cheer.

Her favorite time was in the morning. Before we even wandered down stairs to meet the rest of the family at the breakfast table.

Then one day, in a flash, a blink of an eye, we were done.

She's been ready for a while. Me? Not so much.

I don't know why it makes me so sad.

The statics are all against us.

Only 33% make it to 3 months. 13% to 6 months.

We belong to an exclusive club.

You'd think that would make me proud. And I am.

It's just that it's the last thing that keeps me near. The last thing that makes her need me. Really need me.

For so long I gave her all she needed to grow into a beautiful little girl. No one else. Just me.

How cool it is to be woman.

But now she's done. The last bit of the umbilical cord. Cut.

12 months.

Such a short time in the great, grand picture.

I hope I gave her enough.

I hope she stays nourished.

I hope she stays healthy.

And, truthfully, I hope she still needs me.


  1. Beautiful post Jen. I know how you feel. How blessed you really are to not have to work and to be the truly only source for her for so long?! I'm jealous and also so blessed to have been a part of that club. It's very hard when it's done. Bittersweet and sad too. She does need you, she always will.

  2. Oh, Jenny. Weaning is so bittersweet, isn't it? You gave her a beautiful gift and should be very proud of that. And I bet you'll still be as close as ever...but in new ways.

    P.S. I could have written your post almost exactly. No ear infections. No visits to the doctor (except for you opt out? I'd love to hear your thoughts about that sometime...). No bottles. No nights away. Whole milk in a sippy cup. Etc.

    That said, my 13-month-old is still nursing at night like crazy.

  3. Jenny-I've only been add it a week, and I can't imagine Helen eating anything else. She's already so alert (I'd like to think it's due to breastfeeding).

    Great post. It's good to know others feel the same!

  4. ugh. one of the WORST parts of our babies growing up. . .especially if you've experienced the joy of breastfeeding. when they don't need you anymore for that. i was SO sad!!! still am, when i think about it. so great o make it as far as you/we did!!! if only we could go back for a bit!


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