Monday, July 13, 2009

A Mean Trick

Hungover Brian arrived home yesterday after two nights of bachelor partying it up for his younger brother.

My weekend with two kids and loads of events was a whirlwind. Lucky for me my mom was here to help but somehow things still run a bit rickety when daddy's away.

I'm glad Brian had his time with his brothers and friends but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a tad bit indignant that he can up and leave without a nursing baby relying on him for sustenance.

This is why I laughed just a little bit when, in his desire to rehydrate his hungover body, he grabbed what looked to be an icy glass of lemonade from the refridgerator only to find out after taking a huge gulp that it was actually a leftover margarita.


Yes, I did see him grab the glass from my perch on the couch. No, I did not try to stop him.

He promptly ran to the sink and spit out the tequila-filled drink.

He looked over at me with a pouty lip, "That was a mean trick!"

I smirked. He laughed.

It might have been mean but even he had to admit it was pretty funny.

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