Thursday, July 9, 2009


With the summer schedule well in place, Brian and I don't have much time for just the two of us. The sun sets around nine and William just can't find it within himself to fall asleep before darkness arrives. And Brian and I can't find it within ourselves to stay up past the 10 o'clock news. We're so old. How gross!

But last night we did manage to squeeze in an hour alone in between escorting William back upstairs and into bed. So we decided to Password. Do you Password?

I'm talking about Million Dollar Password on CBS, of course. But instead of just watching it (bo-ring!) we like to play it. One person will cover their eyes with a sofa pillow while the other will give clues and navigate the DVR so we don't get too behind the television contestants.

First, I'd like to say that if we ever got to be on that show we would totally rock the house. There's a reason the show doesn't match up people who already know each other and we're probably that reason.

But aside from getting pretty much every password correct, there's always those lone few that we just can't get. The person giving the clues cannot believe the guesser hasn't gotten it yet and the guesser is getting tired of hearing the same clues over and over. And then when we find out what the correct password was we get all mad at the clues.

"THAT'S how you would describe it?! Why didn't you say XYZ?"

It's funny how different brains go different places.

For example, Brian gave me the clue, "Cube." I said, "Square." Wrong. Try again. He says, "Write." I'm thinking, "Cube? Write? What the heck do they have in common?"

Turns out the answer is desk.

"Cube?!" I say, "Why would cube be your first clue for desk?"

He was thinking of his cube at work which, of course, contains a desk.

I'm next. I say, "Drinking." He says, "Drunk."


I say, "Game." He says, "Shots."


I say, "Cup."

He pauses and thinks. He says shots again. As if I may have misheard the first time.I roll my eyes and repeat the last clue.

He says shots again!

The answer was flip. As in FLIP cup. A drinking game we've played with his family a thousand times.

And then there's those passwords that I'm just never going to get because I have no idea what he's talking about because I'm a girl.

Clue: Stallone.

I guess Sylvester.


Clue: Soldier.

I say, "I've never seen a Stallone movie in my life so this is going no where."

He rolls his eyes and tries yet a third clue: Army.

Do you know what it is? It's pretty easy but I still never would have gotten it in a million years.


  1. Rambo?

    You guys would love Taboo. We have the electronic version and it's our absolute favorite game to play when couples come over for game night. Mostly because we totally dominate. Home team advantage and all. :)

  2. Hmmm. You have me stumped. What's the answer?

    P.S. Taboo is a fun game. But remind me to not play it with Darcie and her husband. I'm sure they would completely dominate. I guess we could play guys against girls to make it more "fair." ;)


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