Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Search Is On more or less the number of houses we have looked at. the number of days until we are officially homeless.

We appreciate all your prayers and well wishes toward the selling of our home. It sold in eleven days!

But now we need some good vibes going out toward the buying of a new house.

The other night, before bed, Brian and I said an impromptu prayer about finding a house to buy.

"Please let us find a house," I said.

"And if it could have two full bathrooms that would be wonderful," I continued.

"And a place for my music," Brian chimed in.

"And a great backyard for the kids."

"Oh and if it's not too much trouble, a large enough kitchen to cook for my growing family?"

"Yeah that and maybe big enough bedrooms so we can actually grow our family?"

"Oh and let's not forget a two stall garage."

"A finished basement would be nice."

"I don't mean to be greedy but we also really need it to be a in a great neighborhood."

"And lastly, please make sure this house is at or lower than our price limit?"

"That's all. Thank you. Amen."

Of course our new house isn't going to have it all so right now we're struggling with what needs to be at the top of our priority list.

Practical but boring? Or, charming but a bit impractical?

Twenty-eight days, people! Let's get this done.

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