Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Life With Lucy: In Two Photos

"I don't WANNA do 'so big'!"

"Stop it!"

"Right now!"

"I'm serious!"

"I said STOP IT!"

"Oh wait.  Is it time to eat?"


  1. Amazing how food can change one's perspective! Ha!

    Are you picking out a new paint color?? I like the one on the right! It looks like it might be similar to the color of my two little girls' room! :) Happy painting!


  2. Elise-
    The paint samples have been on the wall for so long that I now am calling the three stripes a new fad in decorating! We'll get there at some point I'm sure. The one on the right is my favorite too but I think we have to choose the lightest shade. Our 90-yr-old home has dark woodwork in the dining and living rooms and I'm afraid it will make everything seem a bit too dark and dreary.


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