Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Evening on the Front Steps with William

When the trees don't have leaves that means they are dead.  But this tree isn't dead.  It has lots of leaves.  You see those bunnies over there, Mommy?  I like bunnies.  But Grandma doesn't like squirrels.  And Grandma's name is Peggy and that's her name [pointing to neighbor] too.  Two Peggys.  Yep.  Two Peggys.  But what's he doing?


But why is he sweeping?

Because he just mowed the lawn.  He's sweeping the grass off the sidewalk.

But Daddy just mowed the lawn too.

I know but we have a blower instead of a broom.

But why doesn't he have a blower?

I don't know, honey.  Some people don't have blowers.

Hi, Mary Jean!  Mommy, look it's Mary Jean.

Hi, Mary Jean.

Is that Cooper [dog]?


I like Cooper.  And I like Ellie too.  Nana said Ellie can sleep with me when I come to her house.  But she didn't.

Why not?

'Cause she did not.  And Papa does magic.

Magic?  Why kind of magic?

Well first I get up and then I go into Nana's bed.  Nana's bed is really high.  Did you know that Nana's bed is really high?

Yes, I do know that.  What kind of magic does Papa do?

Well, um, he brings us the toast and the peanut butter in Nana's bed.  And he said that's magic.  And then I eat it all up.  But Nana says, "No crumbs in bed!"  Hey what happened to her eye? [Pointing to a Cabbage Patch Doll's eye.]

Well, when I was a little girl I accidentally scratched her eye and some of the paint came off.

When you were a little girl did you have sharp claws?

No.  It was just my fingernail.  It was an accident.

Oh. But I don't have sharp claws because you just cut-ted my nails.  'member, Mommy?  You just cut-ted them.

William, it's almost time for bed.

But I was just in bed.

I know.  Why did you get out?

Well I was sleeping with Donald [Duck] you know.

I know, what happened?

Well he was flapping all around and he told me to get out of bed.  He told me he wasn't sleepy.

Oh really.  Can Donald fly?

Yeah he just flaps his wings and he flies right out of bed.

I didn't think Donald had wings?

Well he has hands and his hands are his wings and he flaps them really really fast like this and then he flies.  Hey, why is he doing that? [Neighbor wiping forehead.]

Because he's hot and sweaty.

But I'm not hot and I'm not sweaty.

I know but he's working hard and when you work hard you some times get hot and sweaty.

But I'm a hard worker.  I have big muscles.  Does he have big muscles?

Yes, I'm sure he does.

But mine are bigger.  See? [Flexing]  When is Daddy coming home?

As soon as church is done.

And then he can give me some more medicine?

We'll see.  If you're still sick.

But my head hurts.  And my neck hurts too.

I know, honey, that's why you need to stay in bed.  Laying your head on your pillow makes you feel better.

But it did not make it feel better, Mommy.

Sometimes you have to lay there for a long time before it starts to feel better.

Well I really want Daddy to come home so that he can give me some more medicine.

I promise when Daddy gets home I will send him in your room to see if you need more medicine.

But I really do need more medicine.

We'll see.  I'm going inside.  You wanna come too?


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