Friday, September 3, 2010

Curtain Call: Summer 2010

This morning we woke up to cloudy skies and temperatures in the 50s.  While everyone on Facebook seemed to be rejoicing the arrival of Fall and a break in the heat and humidity I found myself crying out, "Wait! Not yet!"

We had to dig to the bottom of our drawers for the warm pajamas.  Just a few days ago I ran out of clean tank tops having sweated through all of mine.

Last night I pulled my down comforter up tight against my chin and my toes searched for the warmth of Brian's legs.  Just a few days ago I couldn't kick my covers off fast enough and I cursed the heat radiating off of Brian's body if he got but a few inches of me.

Today I'm cooking a big batch of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup in the slow cooker.  Just a few days ago I couldn't keep my water glass full.

Today I'm sitting on the porch in front of my computer with the windows closed and the floor heater turned on low.  Just a few days ago I was wondering if the ceiling fan could go any faster.

It's funny how our Midwest seasons can change so fast.  I know we still have some 70 and 80-degree weather ahead of us.  Maybe even a 90 if can get an Indian Summer.  Fall in Minnesota is gorgeous and can last deep into October and sometimes even November.

But the consistency is gone.  I know it.  Being able to wake up and throw on shorts and a tank top without looking at the forecast is no more.  Wondering if I might blow up the pool or turn on the sprinkler is probably not something I'll think about until next June.

I was away from blogging much of this week really trying to soak up every last second of summer. I leave you with these. The final scenes of Summer 2010. It really was a good one.

Harriet Island on the Mississippi with our friends.
A bicycle built for six.
Popsicles for dinner.

And ice cream sandwiches too.
A plop in the pool to wash it all off.

A sumersault.
And a daredevil move.
All by herself.
State Fair fried goodness.

The Miracle of Birth Barn: By far, a favorite.
Smiles all around.

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