Friday, September 17, 2010

William Quoted

I'm stealing from my friend, Andrea, on this one.  Occasionally she posts on recent quotes from her husband or son and I find the whole thing incredibly hilarious.  So here's some snippets from my William from the past week or two.  Some of them have back stories to them but hopefully you'll understand the hilarity of it without the full context.  And if we're Facebook friends please forgive me if you've already heard this one before.

W: Mommy, what does beautiful mean?
Me: What do you think it means?
W: I think it means pretty.
Me: You would be right!
W: OK.  Well, Mommy, I think you're very...clever.


W: My preschool teacher's name is Mrs. Rogers?
Me: Yep!
W: Is that Mister Roger's little sister?

W: [Pointing to his glass of water] Mommy, watch out!  I don't want you to spill my beer.


Me: [Pointing to a picture of little girl in a fairy costume] Do you know what this little girl is dressed up as?


W:  Mommy what does "get sauced" mean? (Overheard from a joke on Ellen.)
Me: Umm...let's means to have a lot of fun.
W:  Oh.  Daddy gets sauced all the time!


Preschool teacher: Did your daddy bring you to school this morning?
W: Yeah!  In his CRAPPY car!

W: Maybe when I die and I turn into Jesus then you can drink my blood too!


W: [To his preschool teacher] You can just call me "Nash."

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