Friday, September 17, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

For whatever reason I'm not feeling all that inspired by kindness right now.  It was a long busy week of school, appointments and laundry.  Oh the laundry I did this week!  You would not believe.  So, to be honest, I forgot today was even Friday but now that I did remember, it's forced me to reflect and how much kindness really was shed upon me.

1.  My delightful neighbor across the street called in the middle of the week to see if William wanted to come over and play with her son for a little while.  It was so very generous of her because she has twice the number of kids as I do.  Maybe that's what happens when you have that many kids.  The chaos just can't go any higher and you figure, heck, what's one more?  So William trotted across the street for a bit and it gave me just the time I needed to complete my weekly cleaning routine without interruptions.

2.  My mom came over last week with bags full of new fall clothes for the kids.  This was an enormous act of kindness.  Lucy's hands and feet have felt like ice as of late because the temps dropped from 90 to 60 literally overnight and that's when I suddenly realized she didn't fit into a single article of warm clothing that I had left over from early spring.  Strangers kept tapping her on the shoulder wondering when the flood's a comin'.

And it wasn't so much the money aspect of it all, although that part is obviously incredibly gracious as well, but more the time it takes to get into the car and drive over to the mall and pick out and purchase everything.  So my mom did it for me and she even stayed the night to watch the kids so Brian and I could have a night out.  As I write, both the kids are cozied up in their new jammies having their naps.

3.  Last minute entry goes to my friend, Eric, who I'm pretty sure is my only male reader save for hubby.  (Eric, I didn't know where I should link you up. Hope this one is OK with you.)  To see what he did you've got to go check out my wall on Facebook.  Don't be offended if you own/drive a minivan.  Amy, you know I still love you!

OK, your turn!

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