Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He's So Fashion Forward

He woke at six bells this morning.  An hour and a half earlier than he usually does.

"Mommy, I had an accident."

I was coming out of a deep REM sleep.  Brian was already halfway into his routine at the gym.  He's crazy awesome like that.

"Take off all your clothes and put them in the laundry basket," I whispered to him in a hoarse voice.

He rarely has accidents anymore except when he's extremely tired and sleeps like a rock. This time, that was just the case. And, bless his little heart, it happened on the day I had planned to wash sheets anyway.

He comes back to my bedside, naked.

"OK, now what?"

Boys. They know exactly what to do but rarely do it unless they are told. It seems to be true no matter their age. Am I right or what?

"Go get on a new pair of underwears." He's four. He knows the word should not be said as a plural. But still, they remain and probably always will be, referred to as underwears.  (So stop screaming at me Spellcheck!)

"OK. But first I have to go push out the rest of my potty."


Feet down the hall. Toilet seat up. Potty in. Flush. Feet down the hall. Drawer open. Drawer shut.
"OK, I have new underwears on. Now what?"

"Put some clothes on."

"What should I wear?"

"Whatever you want. Jammies or sweats."

Unless it is a school day or we are going out somewhere in public I always let William pick out and dress himself. [I just laughed when I realized I used the word "let." More like "force" "make" "encourage" "bribe" or similar.] His dresser drawers are organized in such a way to set him up for success. One drawer for jammies. One drawer for undershirts, underwears, socks. One drawer for sweatpants. One drawer for shirts. All his sweatpants are grey so it is nearly impossible for him to wear a mismatched outfit.

"OK. I did it!" He said.

Being that it was still dark and not a peep was coming from Lucy's room yet, I followed him downstairs and let him watch The Disney Channel (PBS Kids doesn't start until 7:00?!) so I could get in some more shut eye.

It wasn't until light started pouring in and Lucy started singing for me from her crib that I got a full glance at William and the outfit he chose for the day.

Brilliant.  Pajama bottoms with a random long-sleeve shirt.  It's mostly funny to me because he actually had to push aside the matching pajama top in order to get out the pants and go into a whole new drawer to dig out the shirt he chose instead.

Yes, he's still wearing it and no, I don't care.  It's part of the beauty of a Minnesota cold snap and not seeing another soul outside my family all day long.

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