Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reader's Choice

I feel like I should write something here but I'm not sure what about. My last few posts have been well thought-out but it's been a week since I've uttered a word.  That happens to me a lot.  I get tons of inspiration and write good posts in my head and then I take the time to articulate all that on the keyboard  and then I get really great feedback in return and then I kind of feel like I owe you a light-hearted post even though my mind is still swirling in the really deep stuff like:

How after filing our 2010 taxes we realized we'd made the least amount of money this past year since we first got married, yet (and we both agreed on this) we're the happiest we've ever been.  That deserves a post, right?

And then, after some big changes to our public school system, Brian and I are almost 100% certain that we will send our kids to the private school down the street.  I'm sad about this.  I'm relieved about this.  I'm excited about this.  I'm nervous about this.  And probably scared too seeing as this directly conflicts with my first point.  So this, too, deserves a post, no?

And then there's the normal stuff like:

How come Lucy can quietly play with her toys for hours and hours all by herself when William struggles to do this for just a few minutes?  And then also, why, when she's in the middle of the quiet playing, must William disturb her and annoy her?  But is this a whole post or did I just write everything that needs to be said in this paragraph?

And I've also wanted to tell you about how Brian and I have seen six of the ten Oscar Nominees for Best Picture.  This never happens.  We're usually the ones who are watching last year's nominees on DVD when next year's list is already out.  We have plans to see the rest.  Except True Grit.  I'm not excited about that one.  But Brian is, so maybe I'll go to make him happy.  My absolute favorite was The King's Speech, in case you were wondering.  RUN to go see it if you get the chance.  But I don't know. Maybe Oscar nominees to too shallow of a topic for this space.  Is it?

And lastly, I've really been wanting to write about how I fell off the wagon for a little bit when it came to meal-planning and how I found my way back on and then I was going to link to awesome, easy, fast meal ideas.  But the problem is that I still haven't made two of the meals yet so I want to taste them first before I'm touting their greatness here.  So I can't write about that just yet.

What do you think?  Do you like any of these ideas?  Are there other things you want to hear about from me?  Tell it to me straight.

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