Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Things [So You Don't Think I've Quit The Blog]

1.  I'm lying in my bed, pillows propped up all around me, with Brian's work laptop in front of me.  Lucy is asleep.  Brian and William are downstairs watching one of the Harry Potter movies.  It's been a long week of nothingness.  Winter drags on even though the calendar demands it be Spring.  I tried to embrace it anyway.  These last few weeks of looking out my kitchen window and seeing white instead of green.  I dressed the kids in their snow clothes, head to toe, and we headed outside.  They begged for balls, bikes, sidewalk chalk and the sprinkler.  Instead I gave them a shovel and a labored push on the swing.  I pretend like I'm soaking it up ("Make your last snowballs now, they won't last!") but really I know I will never, never, get sick of seeing green like I get sick of seeing white.  But I pretend anyway.

2.  Today I made a trip to the dealership to buy new tires for our SUV.  My sister graciously took both kids off my hands so I didn't have to play goalie for two hours in the waiting area.  As I sat for those two hours I began to read Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.  Have you heard of this book?  If not, start with this short video to give you an idea of what it's about and be prepared with Kleenexes.

I feel like this book was written for this exact period of time in my life.  When the days of blowing noses and changing diapers and emptying the dishwasher and washing the sheets and dusting the mantle and figuring out dinner just melt together in one big long stretch of monotony.  This book made me tear up right there in the car dealership waiting room.  Ann writes about learning how to be thankful for the little things that are a part of the here and now. Not something you wish for or something you hope for.  But right here, right now.  And by living in a constant state of realizing thankfulness, she simultaneously finds she's living in a constant state of joy and happiness.

Anyway, read it.  And then pass it on!

3.  My mom got me a Kindle for my birthday!  I have been anti e-reader for some time because I'm so not a book-buyer.  I love the library and when others borrow me their books.  So far I like the physical aspect of holding the light and thin Kindle as opposed to keeping a book opened at its binding.  And I also have found that I can read faster on a Kindle.  Am I crazy to think this?

Do you own a Kindle or other e-reader?  What do you love or not love about it?

4.  Time for a funny 4-year-old story.

While riding in the car today William suddenly told me that he wanted to go fly fishing this summer.

Me:  Uh...OK.  We'll have to talk to Daddy about that.  Or maybe Papa.

William:  But before I go fly fishing I need a parachute.

Me:  A parachute?  What for?

William:  For when I jump out of the plane.  You know, to go fishing.  Fly fishing.

5.  Time for a housekeeping tip.

For some time I've been less than impressed with our dishwasher.  Which shouldn't be the case since we have a fabulous dishwasher that was installed just a couple years prior to us buying this house.  It's literally top of the line.  I looked it up.  But when dishes were coming out with food still stuck on them I was getting really frustrated.

Then I read an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago that said my complaint was not uncommon.  Dishwashing detergent companies have slowly and quietly been lowering the amounts of their active ingredient, the ingredient that removes stuck-on food, for some time now to meet environmental requirements.  The environmental requirements can't be changed but the article's author did a test and listed the best dishwashing detergents.  At the top was a brand I hadn't even heard of.  It's called Finish Quantium.

Holy moly can this baby clean!  I never rinse any dishes anymore.  Not even casserole dishes with baked on food.  These little puppies are amazing.  Of course, they aren't cheap.  But I've found that with coupons (available on their website) it isn't so bad.  Plus, they come in tablets so there's no wasting by pouring in a ton of detergent you don't need.

Try it and let me know what you think!

6.  We're taking a mini-vacation this weekend and I'm really excited.  A big airplane trip to Florida or some other beach destination wasn't in the cards for us this year so instead we're doing a long weekend at a waterpark a couple hours North of here.  I suspect it will be just the ticket to beat these when-is-spring-ever-going-to-get-here blues.

In preparation, the whole family went to Target to pick out snacks and treats.  I break all the food rules when on vacation and let the kids eat snacks and candy to their heart's content.  I told William he could pick out one snack or candy item all on his own.  Anything he wanted.  You know what he chose?  A package of  Dum Dum suckers.  That's it.  And he's so excited about it.  I love four-year-olds.

7.  That's it from my end.  I know things have been a bit ho-hum around here lately but I have been busy working on some big changes here a Mama Nash.  Stay tuned!

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