Thursday, March 17, 2011

If You Haven't Laughed Yet Today...

When William was Lucy's age he had one pair of shoes.  I would spend a good amount of money to buy him a quality pair of shoes in a size above what he wore at the time and they would last the entire season.

Now I have a little girl.  And if you looked inside her closet you would find about seven pairs of shoes.  Some cheap Target finds, others of better quality.  The problem is exacerbated by the fact she loves shoes.  Borderline obsession, really.

And if I really had to admit it I would tell you that I really, really love getting shoes at those boutique-y places.  They always seem so much more original and of much better quality.  Do you agree?  Of course, my pocketbook can't really afford these places which is why I've come to love sites like  (Join here and I'll get some sort of a small kickback.)  They offer boutique-quality clothes and shoes for kids at a fraction of the cost.

So when I saw these shoes (the blue ones)...
...listed for $13 and free shipping, I knew I had to have them for Spring.  So I ordered them and they arrived yesterday.

I knew what the box was when they arrived and I announced it to Lucy.  She was on my tail as I was cutting off the tape.  She could barely contain herself.

I sat down on the couch and removed all the cardboard molding and carefully Velcroed the straps to her little feet.  You can imagine my surprise when she wiggled out of my arms and began to prance around in her new shoes and I heard this:

Oh lordy.  I should have known when I saw the brand on the box was called PipSqueak.

Later, at dinner, I discovered a small plug on the side of the sole that can be removed and thus cease the squeaking.  I'm sure the parishioners at Easter Sunday mass will thank me kindly.

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