Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of Soo-THs {Shoes}

Lucy needed a new pair of shoes.  Her little feet-sies grew a whole size this summer and now that she's full-on walking we needed the real deal.

I'll gladly take hand-me-down clothes and one-dollar shirts and pants here and there but for shoes I don't skimp.  At least not once they're walking.  I made that mistake once with William and ended up buying three pairs of cheap ones before I finally decided to spend a little bit more to get a quality pair of shoes that still look like new years after he's outgrown them.

William has only worn Stride Rites and Crocs ever since.  I bought a pair of Rileyroos sandals for Lucy this summer and if I could only pause her growth I know they'd last for years to come.  But since I can't, they'll sit in storage waiting for the chance to be worn by another little Nash girl.  Perhaps.  Maybe.

For the fall/winter I decided to try See Kai Run.  All over the web mothers are singing the praises of this brand so I thought it be about time I give them a shot.  I ordered a pair on sale last week.

"Ah Soo-THs!" cried Lucy when she saw their website on my computer monitor.

Already she has the female fetish.  Great.

The shoes arrived last week and when I opened the box my heart did a little pitter-patter.

Are. You. Serious?!

First of all, I have to say that I love that these shoes are not pink or purple or any other obvious girly color.  It's a nice break from the Pepto Bismol that can sometimes invade our house.

And I love that they're classic Mary Janes.  They show just the right amount of baby fat coming out of the top without being too tight.

And what I love the most, the whole reason I even thought to write this post, is how obsessed Lucy is with them.  Obsessed, I say!

From morning to night she runs around the house yelling, "Ah Soo-THs! Ah SOO-THs!"

She wants to hold them. Play with the Velcro. She tries to put them on and gets frustrated when she can't. She plops the shoes on my lap and holds up one foot and wiggles her toes, asking me to put them on.  Then she runs around the house in just her diaper and butter yellow soo-ths.

Maybe I think these shoes are so darn cute because they make her look like such a little lady.

All grow-ed up with a big opinion about what she wants to don on her feet.

I hear this is one of the biggest differences between the boy and girl genders.  Having opinions about attire.  I understand that one day I'll find it frustrating.  The very angst of my being.  Or her being, as the case may be.  But for now, since we're at the beginning of it all, I think it's just plain adorable.

**Note: All comments written above are strickly of my own opinion.  No brands mentioned have asked me or paid me to write about their shoes.  But maybe they should. Wink. Wink.

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