Friday, August 20, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

OK.  Let's put it out there.  Last week was a big fat bust.

Apparently not a whole lot of kind acts happening or at least not any that are memorable.

So.  I'm going to change the rules a bit.  Or omit one, rather.

For me, it's easy to list kind acts that happened to me.  Things others did for me to make my life a little happier, a little easier.

But it's difficult for me to write about things I have done for others.  Not because I don't do them but because it feels like I'm bragging.  Trying to prove I'm holier than thou.  Which I am not.  At. All.

Instead, let's just write about all the kind things others have done for you over the past week.  In writing these and subsequently reading others' lists maybe we'll still feel more inspired to be kind.  Knowing that every little thing adds up to a whole lot of big things.

If you'd like to use it, the code for the button is on my sidebar and you can link up below via Mister Linky.  Otherwise, just leave a good old-fashioned comment!

Here's mine:

1.  Our neighbors have pretty much opened their garage to us as a free tool rental shop.  We've borrowed everything from an ax to a rake.  This week we borrowed their extension ladder and wire cutter and...viola!... we have ourselves a swing.

2.  Our other neighbors asked us to grab their newspaper off their front porch while they were out of town this weekend.  A simple task to hopefully ward off possible intruders.  (Piled up newspapers are a robber's easy clue.)  In return they brought us back an entire loaf of cinnamon bread from a famous bakery in northern Minnesota.  That loaf of bread definitely outweighed our easy two days or newspaper removal.  We've been enjoying it for breakfast every morning this week.

OK, you're turn!

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