Monday, August 2, 2010

Got Our Porch Re-did!

One of the many charming things about our 90-year-old home is the large, enclosed, four-season, front porch.

Unfortunately it wasn't so charming when we first moved in.
The carpet was dingy and and stained.  The windows are new but needed an entire day's worth of washing.
There's a lovely window seat just as you enter the porch but it, too, was badly stained.  The space quickly became a catchall for anything I needed out of sight and out of mind.

As summer and all its hot and stickiness has loomed on I've realized what wasted space this has become.  So in a rush of get-it-done energy one Sunday I told Brian I just had to start cleaning the windows.  I popped out every single screen, undid both window sashes and scrubbed the grit and cobwebs right off.

That was the domino that started it all.

During the week I whitewashed the walls and wainscoting and the following weekend we removed the carpeting.
With carpeting

Without carpeting -- betcha coulda figured those captions out on your own, huh?
After some hard work by hubby we had the entire floor sanded and a fresh coat of paint applied in a couple of weeks.
Gorgeous, right?

Let's not forget about that welcoming window seat. I picked out my fabric and enlisted the help of someone I knew who had a sewing machine (check out In Stitches Designs!) and  in no time we had ourselves a window seat that looked like new, perfect for reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Bonus points for the reader who can direct me to the location of cheap throw pillows in neutral colors.
Yesterday we completed the final touches.  I moved my computer and desk out there (so much more inspiring!) and I organized and sorted all the toys.  When all is said and done we'll have a couple of wicker chairs and coffee table.  But for now, it looks like this.
All these refound toys in new places has ignited a new love of playing by my children.  So most of the time the space actually looks like this.
But as long as that television screen stays black, that's just fine by me.

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