Friday, August 13, 2010

Pay It Forward Friday

Maybe it's because I know it will help me get out of a funk.  Maybe it's because my bloggy friend, Stephanie is doing this.  Maybe it's because I feel there's a bit of responsibility that comes with having a blog, a tiny voice in the universe. Maybe it's just because I feel lazy on Fridays and need something to write about.

Whatever the case, I hope you'll join me.  I'm starting Pay It Forward Friday.

Participation is easy.  All you need to do is list one act of kindness someone else has bestowed upon you and another act of kindness you have bestowed upon someone else or something you plan to bestow on someone else.

My hope is that we'll all read each other words and be moved to pay it forward, creatively, randomly or just in the mundane everyday to-do lists.  It doesn't matter if it's someone you know or a complete stranger.  I want to be more inspired as I go about my week; making sure to recognize others' kind gestures and trying to be more cognizant about performing my own acts of kindness.

You can write about your acts of kindness in the comments section.  If you have your own blog you can make a post about your acts of kindness and then leave the link via Mister Linky below.  (Make sure to link directly to your post and not just to your blog's main page.)  If you write a post about it on your blog feel free to include this button in your post.  The HTML code can be found on my sidebar.

OK, I'll start!

1.  I went on a quick overnight trip this week.  Brian worked from home on Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning so that we needn't worry about getting a sitter.  Wednesday is typically my cleaning day and I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get it all done before I left.

"Leave me a list!" He told me.

So I did, thinking he might help me out and make a small dent.

But when I returned it was all done.  Everything.  And he replaced all the burned out lightbulbs I've been too lazy to do.  And he gathered up all the garbage in the house and had that ready to go and outside waiting for the truck.  And the kids were happily eating their lunch outside and the kitchen was pristine.

It made my whole night away totally worth it.  I came back refreshed with a clean to-do list.  A-MAZING.

2.  I bought a new yoga mat last week.  My old one has seen better-smelling days and it was too thin to begin with.  I found a quality mat at an affordable price on Amazon and ordered it.

It arrived yesterday and per the enclosed instructions I put it in my washing machine on hot water to help break it in.  When it came out the entire mat was ruined.  There were huge gashes and rips and tears.

I immediately composed an email to the manufacturer about my experience and within the hour the CEO wrote back to me with sincere apologies.  Apparently there was an error in including those instructions and they've been trying to fix it ever since.  He offered to 2-day ship me a brand new mat and told me I could cut up my ruined mat and use it as knee pads.

Normally I'm the kind of person who will write a negative review about a product in order to warn potential customers.  But so often I forget to leave positive reviews when something good happens because it's what I expected in the first place.  But after receiving top notch customer service I made sure to go right on Amazon and leave five stars and explain my experience.  I also promised the CEO I would recommend their company to anyone who was interested.  So if you're in the need a new yoga mat check out

OK, you're turn.  Leave a comment or make a post and enter your link below.

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