Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Vacation That Wasn't

If there is one stand-out feature of my Lucy, it's that this little girl never gets sick. She's never been on antibiotics. She's never thrown up. She's barely even had a fever. Every once in a while she'll get a runny nose just to convince me that she is human and not some super power.

So of course, it only reasons to make sense that she would get the sickest she's ever been while we are on our first family vacation.

I wish I could tell you Lucy's illness was the only thing that went wrong on our vacation, but it wasn't. Numerous times Brian and I just had to look at each and laugh, because really, what else can you do?

My first hint should have came the day before we left when William told me his ear hurt. But I was smart about that one. Brought him in to Target Clinic right away and got him an antibiotic so that ear infection + swimming didn't turn into excruciating pain.

From there it went like this:

1. William had an accident in car while he was sleeping. In his padded car seat. Awesome.
2. Brian lost his wedding ring in the waterpark and for an hour we slowly waded through the lazy river trying to find it. After all that work it turns out it was still in our hotel room right where I told him it probably would be in the first place.
3. Our hotel room was a little dirty and dingy. Not deal-breaker status but it certainly didn't help the situation.
4. A kid (not ours!) pooped in the kiddie pool and it had to be closed for a few hours.
5. Brian, myself and Lucy got a total of three hours of sleep on the first night due to the fact that Lucy had croup so bad she could barely breathe.
6. William's fingers got stuck in the elevator door as it was opening.
7. William's finger got stuck in the stairwell door as it was closing.
8. Lucy was sick.
9. Lucy was sick.
10. Lucy was sick.

After that first night of no sleep and after Lucy took less than a one-hour nap that afternoon, we honestly thought about cutting our losses and going home. But we decided to stay and I'm glad we did because things did end on a higher note.

A super big shoutout to William who was the best boy ever. He played hard and slept hard the whole time.

And now for a few pictures so I don't end this all Debbie Downer on you. (Contrary to what the pictures may show I really was there. It's just that if I weren't behind the camera then there wouldn't been any pictures to show.)

If for nothing else, I'm glad we stayed just to capture this photo.

Duluth and Lake Superior in the background.  P.S. See that snow on the ground.  That's all I could find in Duluth the whole time.  What the heck, Twin Cities?!  Duluth has less snow than us?!

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