Monday, October 10, 2011

Discount Announcement and Other Updates

Remember when I linked to this Etsy shop last week while featuring the baby's room makeover?  Well, I recently received a note from Maya, the shop's owner, letting me know she'd like to extend a discount to all Mama Nash readers.  All you have to do is send her a note mentioning that you're a Mama Nash reader and she'll discount the total of whatever you'd like to purchase.  She also wanted me to remind my readers that all of her work is custom made so if you're looking for modifications or have something particular in mind, don't hesitate to ask!  Even if you don't have a baby or one on the way, I think these pieces make for such a unique baby gift.  Happy shopping!

And now on to the state of things in this ninth month of my pregnancy.

The nesting bug hit me hard this third time around.  Even I got sick of myself.  I did crazy things like clean all 13 windows in our porch including removing every screen and hosing it down.  I've switched all the closets over to our fall/winter clothes which included a major dump at Goodwill and a reorg of our cedar closet in the basement.

As of today I'm feeling good with every item checked off our to-do list except one.  Removing the window a/c units.

Which leads me to my next update.  The weather.  And really, if it were any other year, you'd be seeing a ton of pictures posted here of how the kids and I are enjoying a record-setting Indian Summer that has lasted for more than a week now of temps in the upper 80s.  But instead I'm Grumpy McGrumperson with my swollen feet and hands, my too-small-to-fit summer maternity clothes and my sweaty body.  This was just not at all what I planned for when I pictured myself being nine-months pregnant in October.

I used to think I would be the perfect person to live in Florida or somewhere in the desert.  But I've changed my mind.  I need long sleeves and puffer vests and cute scarves and tall boots and hot baths before bed and snuggling under a blanket on the couch and hot lattes and crisp evenings at a football game and good things baking in my oven.  I still reserve my right to complain in January, mind you, but a few 50-degree days would feel pretty nice right about now.

Today officially marks two weeks until my due date.  It also marks the climax of me being a total basket case.  I didn't get it with William, probably because he was born too early for it to hit, but I did get it with Lucy, who was born three days before her due date.  Full-blown basket case means you would see behavior like me being completely neurotic about not finding William's belt where it should be.  Or having a breakdown because I can't find anything to wear that covers my belly.  Or having energy equivalent to ten manic people.  Or not having the energy to stay awake past nine o'clock.

One minute I want this baby out of my body right now.  The next minute I'm hoping to buy another day or two because it's just not convenient right now.  This part of pregnancy is definitely not my favorite.  But it's also the shortest.  So I'm trying not to complain too much (not a word from you, Brian) and put it all in perspective.  These last few days as a family of four are a blessing.  Soon we will be a family of five and there's no going back after that.

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