Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Scene from Week One

This is my favorite photo from Katherine's first week.
This was our first night home from the hospital and what struck me right away was that when you have a third child your older two expect business as usual.  So there was a normal dinner with all of us around the table.  There were baths after dinner.  There was brushing teeth and combing hair.  There was lotion and jammies.  And there was the bedtime story.

Katherine was awake and I was cleaning up the bathroom so I just put her on Brian's chest.  I love how no one seems to think it's a big deal that there's a new audience member for our book-reading session.  William is captivated by Harold and the Purple Crayon even though he's read it one thousand and one times.  And Lucy, per usual, is more interested in the camera than anything else that's going on around her.

No one is paying particular attention to Katherine's presence.  And it's not because she isn't special or appreciated or loved.  It's because she fits so seemlessly into this house.  I look at her and think, "Oh there you are!" Like she's just been missing all these years.

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