Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family Takes

Brian was in Boston for work this past week.  The whole week.  And I did you all a favor and stayed away from the ol' blog for awhile.  I wasn't in a good mood and I don't know how to write while pretending everything is cheery at Casa del Mama Nash.  No one was sleeping at night.  Each of the kids took their turns and it was maddening being the only adult in the house.  Sleep deprivation takes a toll on a person after a couple of days much less an entire week.  I'd also be lying if I didn't admit that I was super bitter that Brian was in Boston without me.  Neither of us has ever been and had planned to go together in the near future.  But there he was without me.  Seeing the sights and hearing the sounds.  While I was waking to the cries in the middle of the night.
I have started hiring a 13-year-old neighbor girl to babysit for me for short periods during the day.  It really has done wonders for my motivation and overall job satisfaction.  Last week, while Brian was gone, I only had Katherine on Thursday morning so I had her come and stay for two hours while I got a pedicure, went to the grocery store and sat at a coffee shop and sipped an iced latte all by my lonesome.  It was a beautiful thing.  This week I had her come take the two older kids to the park for the morning.  I even packed them a picnic lunch.  While the baby took her morning nap I cleaned the whole house without disruption and even had time to make myself lunch at a decent hour.  When the kids got home they were so pooped from their morning fun they both promptly marched upstairs for their rests without a single complaint.
I'm not sure why it's so hard for moms to admit they need a little paid-for help.  But I'm not going to feel ashamed about it anymore.  I don't see how anybody loses in this arrangement.
William is just off the heels of a full week of Vacation Bible School.  It was his first year of participation and love is such an understatement of how he felt about the whole thing.  He cried on Wednesday when I told him he only had two more days.  "What?!" He screamed.  I think I neglected to make it clear that this was not a permanent school.  It's been fun to listen to him recite Bible versues and tell us stories about Jesus.  He really absorbed it all.  But my favorite part is having him perform the handful and song and dance routines they learned.  Hilarious!
Lucy spent four days at Camp Nana with her cousin while Brian was in Boston.  She had a lot of fun and it was very helpful to have one less around here but I did miss her terribly.  Lucy seems to have grow leaps and bounds in the past two months and I find myself not struggling with her nearly as much.  She still has her bossy stubborn personality that will always be with her (and probably serve her very well) but it's the toddler meltdowns that she seems to have outgrown.  I enjoy her company and her conversation.  I no longer cringe with I hear her feet hit the floor running in the morning wondering if a beast will emerge from her room.  Now she's pleasant and friendly and so, so funny.  I heart three-year-olds.
Katherine.  Oh my dear sweet Katherine.  I think I might love her a little bit more if she slept at night.  She went from being the best baby in the world to a terrible night sleeper.  I know she's going through something because it doesn't seem logical that this would just start happening out of the blue. But for the life of me I cannot figure it out what's bothering her.  So far my theories include:
  • Teeth
  • Head cold
  • Too hot
  • Thirsty
  • Wants to lay on her stomach
  • Wants to lay on a pillow
  • Overtired
  • Too noisy
  • Too dark
I've tried a remedy for each one without success.  So instead Brian and I have taken turns bringing her hysterical screaming self down to the porch where we rock her in the summer night breeze until her body relaxes and we can lay her back down.  And then we'll repeat the process all over again an hour or two later.  And again and again until the morning sun rises.  Please sleep, sweet baby.

Today we leave for vacation!  We're really only going to my mom's for five days but it's not home and there will be fun so that equals vacation.  I most likely won't be writing thoughtful posts while I'm away so instead I'll try to post a picture each day.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  I can't believe July is already creeping in.  Please tell me the fun you've been having!

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