Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Haven't Showered Today and Other Happenings

I'm trying to think of a good post to write as an excuse to insert this picture I took at lunch today.
I have a wonderful camera on my smart phone but unfortunately it doesn't have great stability control which sometimes results in a blurry picture when dealing with a super excited seven-month-old as seen above.  But hopefully you can look beyond that to take in the sheer amazing cuteness of it all.  The side ponytail.  The big-girl booster seat.  The teeny tiny grapes I cut up for her.  The frilly white Polo romper.  And, if it weren't so blurry, you'd also be able to see the two cutest little bottom teeth peeking through when she smiles big.

I feel better now that I was able to share that with all of you.

In other news, it's true.  I haven't showered today.  Or yesterday, for that matter.  This happens to me a lot in the summer.  Most summer days I find myself showering in the evening.  Sometimes I'll let one or two of the kids hop in with me to bypass bath time.  This way I can wake up in the morning and get going super fast by throwing my hair up in a pony and quickly brushing on some bronzer and mascara.  What's the use in showering when the air is heavy with humidity and I know I'll sweat off my cleanliness in no time?  Anyway, that's the rationale I tell myself.

William had his first day of KinderCamp this morning and this mama may have found herself a little weepy (again!) behind my aviator sunglasses standing on the plaza outside his (new!) school.  KinderCamp is a quick 4-day camp to help acclimate the new kinders and to get them excited for September.  Someday I'm going to write a post about how Brian and I came to the long-last and harder-than-I-thought decision to send William to the school we chose.  Man, our parents had it so much easier, didn't they?  I bet my mom lost not one night's sleep on where to send me to kindergarten. Public?  Private?  Charter?  Home?  It's all so different now.

He was in the Mickey Mouse group and as he lined up with the rest of the Kinders he quickly realized he didn't know a single student in his group.  Not even anyone from his preschool.  He was quieter than usual but still smiling ear-to-ear and waving happily to me as he marched into the school with one of the Kindergarten teachers.  I have zero regrets.  This kid was made for school, this school, and he will thrive.

Back on the homefront I had to make cinnamon and sugar toast for Lucy for breakfast because we are all out of cereal and I didn't feel like cooking oatmeal.  Which brings me to my next point.  I need to go to Target today.  With all three kids.  I'm not looking forward to it but it has to be done.  We're leaving town tomorrow for a quick weekend jaunt to Brian's parent's house for a baby bash.  In case you were wondering, a baby bash is similar to a baby shower except that both women and men are invited.  Also in case you were wondering, baby bashes are way more fun than baby showers.

I'm in charge of providing that Blueberry Crumb Cake I mentioned in a previous post as well as a dip and a side dish.  So I need ingredients.  And wrapping paper.  And eyeshadow.  And coffee.  And cereal.

See?  There's no time for a shower.

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