Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes [1.4.13]

1. Oh my! We are still on Christmas break around here. We are the only school in the area that I know of that doesn't go back until Monday. Things are getting long and a little boring but I just keep biding my time knowing that the weekend is almost upon us and then we'll be back in the swing of things.

2. To pass the time we've been slowly opening each new toy one at a time. I suggested to my mom, after reading positive reviews, that she give William Snap Circuits for Christmas. It wasn't a very fun present for him to open because he didn't know what it was. But let me tell you, sometimes you just have to go with your gut instead of trying to get the best reaction. The kid has not stopped playing with this toy since he opened it three days ago. And when he does take a five minute break to eat a meal, he's asking how quickly he can get back to his projects. This toy rocks. I highly recommend.
3.  Today I took the kids to Brian's office so that his coworkers could see Bobby.  For the first time I loaded all four kids into the car by myself.  There was a lot of crying and whining, mostly from me.  And when they were all strapped in, I admit there was a part of me that wanted to go back into my quiet home alone and take a long nap.  But I powered through and in the end it turned out to be quite a lovely morning complete with a very pleasant lunch at a restaurant thanks to well-behaved children.  Bonus: I didn't have to make lunch or do any dishes.

4. Next week Brian has a business trip. I'm nervous about this. Going solo during the day is one thing but going into the evening is a whole other animal. The trip was unavoidable but it's still better than what it was supposed to be: a whole week. I told Brian I couldn't survive that. So he was able to work things out and shortened it to just two nights. I think this is manageable. I hope it is. Pray for me please.

5. Aside from the business trip, I've been rather surprised at how easily we've all adapted to adding Bobby into our lives. As weird as it sounds, the transition has been easier with each new baby we've added. What it really comes down to is expectations. I know that things are going to get messy and cluttered. I know that I can't make a home-cooked meal every night. I know that it isn't realistic to plan playdates. So I just let those things go. I get up every morning and make my bed because that's easy and quick and gives me a small amount of control and satisfaction. I try to throw in a load or two of laundry every couple of days. The kids love spaghetti so why not have it again tonight? I didn't get a shower today, but there's always tomorrow. I've been around this block enough to know that it isn't always going to be like this and it's often more trouble than it's worth to try to force some notion of normal this early in the game. So until "normal" hits us, we'll sit here and continue to snuggle the new babe.
6. Another thing I did to make this transition easier was to buy myself some new clothes. I had back-to-back pregnancies and I really needed, deserved even, some pieces that said, "You're not pregnant anymore!" After Lucy was born, I was smart enough to invest in a nice pair of jeans that are a couple of sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy jeans. Now I have pants that actually zip and button without an embarrassing muffin top. Goodbye maternity panel! Then I hit up the after-Christmas sales online and now I have about five different casual outfits that looks good and will get me through my weight transition. What other things do you do post-pregnancy to give your happiness quotient a boost?
7. And finally, I can't leave you without a Baby Bobby picture. If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @mamanash75) you may have already seen this one.  I just love how Bobby is looking right at William in this shot. And I also love having an able-bodied six-year-old to help me carry around all these babies!

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