Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moments of Insanity

If I ever changed the name of my blog that would be a good title, don't you think?

I took a break from blogging last week while Brian was in San Fransisco and I was back on the homefront trying my hardest just to make sure no one died or at the very least suffered the loss of a limb or anything.  I'm happy to report I succeeded.

In the end, it wasn't terrible going it alone for three days and two nights. The weather was warm, by January standards, so that helped when I needed to leave the house.  And at one point I even had three kids napping AT THE SAME TIME while William was at school.  Those were the peaceful moments.

But there were some trying times too.  Like when Bobby screamed all Thursday morning while I was trying to get the big kids ready for school.   And then he continued to scream all the way down the street to drop Lucy off at school and all the way back home.  And then there was Wednesday evening when I started to feel a little under the weather.  But I still had four kids to give dinner to and four kids to bathe and four kids to put to bed.  So I just had to power through and try not to lose my cool.  I didn't lose my cool.  But I did have everyone in bed before seven bells.  And then I put myself to bed too.

Brian got home late Thursday afternoon and I was surprised that while he was granted a momentary reprieve from his parenting responsibilities to do his duty as provider of this family, he was relieved to be home.  Joyful even.

It's funny.  The chaos can be almost...addicting?  Is that the right word?  Or maybe it's just all we know.  It's our normal.  And normal feels pretty good.

But the thing is, it isn't really all chaos all the time.

Brian's cousin and his wife stopped over on Saturday to see Bobby and when they came into our house they immediately commented on how quiet it was.  Obviously it is a complete lie to call our house quiet.  But we do abide by strict nap/rest times and fairly early bed times.  So if you happen to pop by our house between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 or anytime after 7:00, you will find a peaceful abode.

This is how we keep our sanity.  This is how we continue to like being here instead of always trying to escape.  This is how we limit the chaos and insanity to just mere moments instead of all day long.

Wine and beer help too.

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